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FeaturedAdvancing the Practical Application of AI

Featured: Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence

AI Everywhere: From Boom to Actual Application

The third AI boom is now in progress; all sorts of companies and organizations have quickly started to use AI. This feature article presents an array of fields in diverse industries and sectors where AI is being used more actively, offering you advice for success.

Articles related to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Solving Urban Problems Using AI: Report from the Field Test Site in Singapore
Fujitsu Showcases the Connected Future at Microsoft Ignite
Fujitsu showcases the connected future at Microsoft Ignite
Scoring Gymnastics Competitions More Accurately with 3D Sensing Technology--What Is the Future of Judging?
Digital Marketing: Driving New Awareness in Business Management
The Early Bird Gets the Worm! Digitalization that Begins with IoT - Structural Change and Business Opportunities in an Age where Everything is Connected
Effectively Deploying Limited Security Resources--Fujitsu Develops AI Technology that Uses Game Theory
Fujitsu Solutions for Distributors--Making Shopping More Fun!
A Future where AI and Robots Coexist in Harmony with Humans
Continually Advancing AI Thinking of the future potential achievable by people and AI
[Article 6] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--Focus on the Front Lines of Applying AI to Business
[Article 5] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--AI that Solves Social Issues from a Mathematical Approach
[Article 4] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--AI Supporting Human Decision-Making
[Article 3] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--AI Interpreting Human Emotions from Their Behavior
Technology that Identifies at a Glance the Place Being Explained within Presentation Materials
[Article 2] Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--AI Keeps Learning and Growing Each Day
Technology for Aligning Multiple CT Images in One Second--Supporting Doctors to Detect Changes in Diseases
Technology for Early Detection of Stagger and Irregularities of Smart House Residents Using Sensors
Technology for Recognizing the Flow of People from Surveillance Camera Video with Concern for Privacy
Time-series Deep Learning: New AI Technology that Supports Safe Human Lives
Data Curation Services: Big Data Analysis Technology that "Understands" the Five Senses
Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence--A Future Where Humans and AI Coexist--
Can a Robot Get into the University of Tokyo? AI Project "Todai Robot" Drastically Improved Math Score Deviation Values
Collaborative Zinrai AI system functions as consumer support and business tool

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