[Flash Report: Part 2/2] Using Cutting-edge AI and IoT to Take on the Challenge of Digital Transformation Together with Customers: Fujitsu Forum 2018 Event Report

Technology Zone

Battery-free Devices Suitable for IoT Solution

Sensor devices require power to operate. However, using a battery requires periodic maintenance, which is costly to perform. Here, two IoT devices that operate without maintenance for a long time were exhibited.
The Bluetooth beacon, which is powered by interior lighting, has a solar battery and is about the size of a stick of gum, taking up little space. Even under lighting of about 300 lux, it can broadcast a signal every second.
Sensor devices using Sigfox, one of the LPWA communication standards suitable for outdoor long-distance communication, tend to consume power. Fujitsu developed a module that stably operates at about 4000 luces, enabling customers to see real-time visualization of temperature and humidity.

Bluetooth beacon PulsarGum, which is about the size of a stick of gum and can transmit radio waves while powering itself from office environment lighting; it is thin and lightweight, and can be used merely by attaching it

Tech Collaboration

Fujitsu offers MetaArc, a platform for helping customers realize digital transformation. The Tech Collaboration zone introduced case studies on co-creation between Fujitsu and software vendors that use Fujitsu technologies to offer various services.

Implem Inc. introduced Pleasanter, which enables users who do not have programming knowledge to develop business applications. With Pleasanter, an application can be created quickly by following a template. User companies praise it for being a web application with better-than-expected responsiveness.
This web application also offers a free version for up to three people as a cloud service in addition to an annual support service for handling inquiries.
Implem is a K5 Tech Talk participant company, and Pleasanter can be purchased from the MetaArc Marketplace.

Product page: https://cloud-direct.jp.fujitsu.com/pages/productinfo/1903 (Japanese)

Example app developed with Pleasanter

Data System Yonezawa, Ltd. introduced Moba Shisho, an administrative information distribution app for local governments. Users merely select the categories of information that they want to receive in order to get push notifications of each update. In this way, Moba Shisho supports local governments in providing information to citizens. The standard version of the Moba Shisho app costs only 30,000 yen per month, making it suitable for local governments that have difficulties developing or maintaining their own apps due to limited IT budgets. The standard version is also advantageous in terms of its short lead time.
Data System Yonezawa is a MetaArc Partner Program and K5 Tech Talk participant company, and Moba Shisho can be purchased from the MetaArc Marketplace or via Fujitsu sales representatives.

Product page: https://cloud-direct.jp.fujitsu.com/pages/productinfo/1617 (Japanese)

Moba Shisho's management screen (top) and the smartphone app; semi-custom apps that use patterns prepared in advance can also be provided.

Using AI, IoT, big data, and other various advanced technologies together with many co-creation partners, Fujitsu continues to create new value that will change business and our lives.

The Fujitsu Forum 2018 Technology Zone introduced advanced practical case studies generated from cutting-edge technologies and co-creation with partner companies are introduced.