Security stands out as the highlight at "Money 20/20 USA", the world's biggest Fintech event

“Money20/20 USA”, the world’s biggest Fintech event covering payments and financial solutions was held in Las Vegas, Nevada state, on Oct. 22nd to 25th . More than 11,000 attendees, 4,500 companies, from 85 countries joined the event, showing an upsurge from day one.

“Security” as the hottest topic in the Money 20/20 USA

“Security” was picked up in many of the places in the event, and many of the attendees that has visited Fujitsu booth was very interested in “Blockchain”.

There were many discussions on the usage, merits and how “Blockchain” technology should be used when producing a new financial solution. The innovation that could be brought by “Blockchain” to the financial industry was seen as one of the biggest interest from the event.

Trending presentation on “Personalization”, and ”UX” were performed by the top managements

Besides the “Security”, many of companies introduced “AI”, “API”, and “Mobile” as their solution which also attracted many of the attendees. Some of the booth at the exhibition hall used their space not only to exhibit their solutions but also constructed a unique booth such as café stand, sofa and a table as a networking/ meeting space.

Keynote/ panel discussion where leaders of financial institutions, well-known Fintech founder performed a presentation and stated their opinions about the next trends in the future. Many of the presentation were based on “Personalization”, and “UX” to revitalize the business by providing user experienced based on individual interests and behavior.

Introduced facial, fingerprint, and voice combined biometric authentication service by collaborating with Fujitsu America (FAI)

At Fujitsu booth, we introduced financial solution brand “Finplex” and “Blockchain for Digital Payment” through the demo. Also we were able to introduce a multiple authentication solution (facial, fingerprint, voice) supported by cloud service “Biometrics As A Service”, and Fujitsu Cloud Service “K5”.

Fujitsu will continue to challenge to deliver values based on co-creation with the customer with “New financial solution structure Finplex” by applying AI and “Blockchain” technology with the experience, inspiration, and feedback from the customer of we have received from Money 20/20 USA event.