Fujitsu and BEAMS Conduct Field Test to Create New Family Snapshots with Lighting and Smartphones

Experiencing a New Intuitive and Convenient Way to Acquire Information

Household light bulbs and street illumination…LED lighting is one of the essential items in our lives. LED (light emitting diode), having features of low power consumption and long life span, is currently used as a major light source of lighting equipment. It is fresh in our mind that in 2014 Dr. Isamu Akasaki, Dr. Hiroshi Amano and Dr. Shuji Nakamura were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their invention and application of LED lighting.

FlowSign Light is a content delivery service using LED that can guide the user to linked websites by embedding information into visible light, which is based on technology Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. developed.

FlowSign Light is an easy-to-use service. When a user points a smartphone camera at an object casted by lighting where information is embedded, they can directly access related websites containing information on the object and use services available on the websites. The user can experience an intuitive, convenient and new way of acquiring information without having to manually enter URLs*.

*: To use the service, users need to download the dedicated application.

Adding a Photo Frame Effect to Customers' Photos

Fujitsu and BEAMS, a Japanese multi-brand fashion retailer, carried out an experimental field testing for FlowSign Light at BEAMS Outlet Kisarazu and BEAMS Outlet Iruma between June 12 and June 30, 2017.

In a family event "Let’s go out with Family" hosted by BEAMS, LED lighting specially designed for FlowSign Light was installed in the space where pictures drawn by children nationwide based on the theme of "going out with family" were displayed. When customers activate their smartphone camera function and point the camera at the event space, ID information embedded in the light is linked to the content to add a BEAMS original photo frame to the photos taken**.

**: The photo frame is designed by Ascon Co., Ltd., which engages in printing and marketing support business.

A New Life Style That Allows Internet Access through Objects and Lighting

FlowSign Light can be used not only for in-store services like the one in this field trial, but also for providing a wide variety of services in the future, such as providing directions and traffic information using street lights, automatically streaming explanatory videos at museums, art galleries and tourist spots and providing music download service at live concert venues and coupon service at retail stores.

Fujitsu previously carried out field testing using RFID tags jointly with BEAMS, and will continue working with BEAMS to develop improved services going forward. Looking ahead, Fujitsu aims to expand the use of FlowSign Light by proposing a new life style that allows Internet access through all kinds of things and lighting.