Fujitsu Showcases Digital Transformation at Microsoft Ignite 2017

Fujitsu joined Microsoft Ignite this year again as a Gold sponsor. As the largest event of the year to highlight Microsoft-related products and services, Ignite will host 20,000+ attendees, including IT pros & decision makers, as well as enterprise developers & architects and many other industry leaders to meet innovators and explore tomorrow's tech.

Session in the Fujitsu Booth

Fujitsu Booth

As a key partner in the Microsoft ecosystem, Fujitsu had sessions in Fujitsu Booth for a variety of offerings which cover Microsoft's core solutions including Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Applications & infrastructure, and Data & AI as revealed in Microsoft Inspire, its worldwide partner conference, held in July.

[Modern Workplace | Workplace Anywhere]

Workplace Anywhere

The workplace is evolving, and employees demand change. They no longer tether themselves to a work location, or work from nine to five. Instead, they work from anywhere and anytime, connecting to their apps and data on whatever devices they want to use. And they expect a seamless experience across these platforms.

With Workplace Anywhere, our customers can bring people, systems, and information together in a secure, always connected and individualized environment. Workplace Anywhere provides enterprises with a unified suite of technologies.

This is how we enable end users and their organizations to become not just efficient but more productive.

[Business Applications | Fujitsu services for Microsoft Dynamics]

Fujitsu service for Dynamics

World-class customer experiences begin with your people. When you give them the right tools to boost their productivity and amplify their impact, you equip your organization for success.

Fujitsu has successfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to manage Cases, Campaign's, Complaints, Contacts, Contracts, etc within the Private and Public sectors.

[Applications | Fujitsu Azure Application Transformation Services]

Fujitsu Azure Application Transformation Services

Our Azure Application Transformation Services are designed to make the most out of your older strategic applications, by enabling them on Microsoft Azure - much faster and at a lower cost and risk than a rewrite. Once migrated, change in functionality of the applications can be achieved much faster and more cost effectively using modern programming tools.

[Infrastructure | Hybrid IT]

Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT from Fujitsu is all encompassing, blending the best of cloud-powered and on-premise IT, giving you a governance framework and the flexibility to adapt and evolve with your changing business needs. It gives you the right balance of cloud-based and traditional IT services while enabling you to see everything from a single point.

Hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) are transforming the economics of IT. Unlike traditional infrastructures, HCI is software-defined, creating a next generation data center foundation that's even more cost-efficient, resilient, and adaptable to changing business scenarios.

PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct

FUJITSU PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct reduce complexity and TCO in data center infrastructure which can deploy cluster in under 15 minutes, achieve 150k+ IOPS per server, and 2.4x greater storage efficiency.

SQL Server 2017 on PRIMEQUEST

FUJITSU Server PRIMIEQUEST has been deployed in 38 counties. It is an only IA (Intel architecture) server in the world which supports Dynamic Reconfiguration in the hardware. That means it's very easy to dynamically add a CPU for SQL Server.

Fujitsu Liquid Immersion Cooling System

Direct liquid immersion technology here paves the way for next gen of ultra-dense data centers. It's not air, it's not water. The future is Fujitsu Liquid Immersion Cooling System. The benefits are 40% less power, 50% space saving, and easy to deploy to on-premise data centers. As an eye-catching hardware in Expo, many visitors are impressed with this innovative computing.

[Data & AI | Digital Transformation]

Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard

FUJITSU Intelligent Dashboard powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services visualizes and optimizes factory management. You can talk to your factory advisor, Anna, in order to know the status of your factories worldwide and investigate an issue causing a failure in a production line. As Microsoft emphasized "AI-first" in its keynote at this Ignite, this kind of natural interface will be a key feature for digital transformation.

Fujitsu teraSpection

Another area Microsoft highlighted in the keynote was Mixed Reality. Fujitsu is deploying Microsoft HoloLens integrating Fujitsu's vertical expertise. It will be a driver to innovate a variety of field work. For example, Fujitsu's solution, teraSpection, integrates HoloLens in order to propose a digital workplace to optimize maintenance operations in a factory, facility, etc.

FUJITSU Worker Safety solution powered by Microsoft Azure

We offer FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE as a front-end interface for Human Centric IoT to enable worker safety in a variety of fields. With the solution, real-time safety response plays an essential role in case of accidents, and data insight and analytics plays an important role in finding hints to improving operation efficiency. These are essential for mitigating risks and increasing the overall performance of maintenance work field.

As like this, digital and physical worlds will be converged, innovate the way people communicate, and accelerate Digital Co-creation.

Fujitsu's Theater Session: "Enabling digital transformation with a human centric approach"

Theater presentation by Fujitsu

Bhusan Chand, Vice President and head of Microsoft Practice for North America in Fujitsu told that Fujitsu Digital solutions are transforming every single industry; leading to create new market opportunities and simultaneously closing others. Technology has been a key driving force in this disruptive era. However, digital transformation is not all about technology. We at Fujitsu envision a digital future where people are at the core of everything. Learn how we enable and accelerate organizations' digital transformation journey with the ultimate goal of people having the potential to achieve breakthroughs previously unthinkable.