Changing Water Business through Cross-Industrial Collaboration

[Case Study: Metawater Co., Ltd.]

Using IoT Data to Solve Problems of Water and Sewage Lifelines

Water and sewage services are the most important requirements that support people's lives.
However, those businesses are facing challenges, including reduced demand triggered by declining birthrates and an aging population, aging of water supply facilities that were constructed during the period of high economic growth, and the retirement of experienced senior engineers. Under such circumstances, how to transfer valuable operational knowledge and know-how is an important theme.

Metawater, a leading engineering company that provides water and environment-related plant engineering and service solutions, commenced the Water Business Cloud (WBC), an information platform, to address issues facing water and sewage operators. Metawater has expanded its range of services through M&A and advanced comprehensive services by utilizing private-sector vitality.

The WBC provides a maintenance and inspection system that accumulates device operation status and measured water levels and flow rates as IoT data by combining tablet PCs and augmented reality (AR) technology. It helps facilitate the transfer of knowledge from experienced senior engineers and the operational efficiency.

Promoting Cross-Industrial Collaboration for AI Analysis

In order to provide solutions to customers' management challenges, it is necessary to analyze IoT data collected and accumulated with Business Intelligence (BI) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). For that, data and contents need to be shared with ICT companies that have analytical solutions without having to develop software.

So we decided to switch to FUJITSU Cloud Service K5, which provides an integrated API platform for managing and publishing APIs for various Web services. As a result, we are now able to quickly provide functions that our customers require.

Information Should Be Shared, without Being Locked in

Going forward, we will provide information obtained through analysis to people in different industries, aiming for a promising future for water and environment businesses, and using the WBC running on K5 cloud as an information platform, we will continue to develop and expand.

Metawater's Challenges and Effects of Fujitsu's Solutions

  • Want to build an information platform to collaborate with different industries
    Manage and publish Web service APIs to enable collaboration between different industries
  • Want to build a system for quick recovery in case of disaster/failure
    Promote DR measures with a system configuration that divides the production system and the standby system into east and west
  • Want to get out of a conventional method which runs self-developed software programs on IaaS
    Use a development method based on PaaS to reduce the development man-hours and period