Japan's First Image Analysis Technology ICT-Supported Box Trap Reduces Crop Damage by Wild Boars

Nogata City Office and Takamori Town Office: Fujitsu’s Cloud-Enabled Solution for Wide Area Wild Animal Control reduces serious crop damage

Wild Boars in Residential Areas! Area of Damage by Wild Animals is Expanding

Recently we frequently hear news that deer, wild boars or monkeys eat food grown on farmland or in home gardens and enter residential property. There is also no end to reports of witnesses or of crop damage by these animals in places that were never affected before.

Wild animal damage refers to farmland or crop damage by birds or animals. It was a problem limited to farming communities and mountain villages, but now damage is rapidly expanding toward residential areas. In order to address this issue, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries has allocated funds for implementing anti-wild animal measures. However, crop damage in 2015 reached 17.6 billion yen requiring more intensive improvement measures.

Image Analysis Technology Reduces Patrolling Frequency and Sends Emails to Report Animal Capture

ICT-supported box trap

Takamori Town in Kumamoto Prefecture and Nogata City in Fukuoka Prefecture have experienced serious crop damage by wild animals, especially by wild boars. Now that hunters are aging and there is a shortage of human resources, use of box traps to capture wild boars is encouraged. However, patrolling a large area to check these traps has imposed heavy financial burdens, such as fuel costs, on the local governments.

These local governments tested Fujitsu's Cloud-Enabled Solution for the Wide Area Wild Animal Control service using ICT-supported box traps.

An ICT-supported box trap uses Japan's first image analysis technology to automatically close the trap when an animal larger than the specified size enters it. After the capture, a report and images are emailed to the local government and hunters association to allow efficient trap patrolling. With ICT-supported box traps, both communities have improved the wild boar capture rate and reduced crop damage.

[Issues addressed by Takamori Town Office (Kumamoto Prefecture) and Nogata City Office (Fukuoka Prefecture) and Outcomes]

  1. 1Need for workload reduction such as patrolling and monitoring box traps
    Emailing capture information has greatly reduced the workload
  2. 2Need for capturing adult animals to reduce the animal population
    Japan's first image analysis technology led to an increased adult animal capture rate