Featured Co-creation Workshop Space Opens in Osaka

Fujitsu Opens Digital Transformation Center in OSAKA

On August 2, 2017, Fujitsu opened its second FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center (DTC) in Nakanoshima, Osaka, following the first DTC in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo. The Fujitsu Journal team reports on the Security Workshop, which is unique to DTC OSAKA, as well as the facilities and exhibition area of DTC OSAKA.

Opening a Workshop Space Gathering Ideas with Experts in Osaka

In May 2016, Fujitsu opened its first Digital Transformation Center (DTC) in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo as a co-creation workshop space, aiming to co-create new value with customers. Approximately 700 customer companies have used DTC TOKYO so far.

Fujitsu opened its second DTC in Japan in Nakanoshima, Osaka, following Tokyo, on August 2, 2017. DTC OSAKA is a new co-creation space where Fujitsu and customers jointly consider customers' digital transformation and develop flexible ideas. Various Fujitsu experts, including engineers, consultants and designers, participate in discussions and provide support to workshop participants.

A distinctive feature of DTC workshops is using the design approach* to support customers in solving their problems, while providing hands-on experiences through demonstrations and machine tools using the latest ICT. For example, when a customer wants to develop a new service using AI, the conventional way identifies current problems and devises improvement measures based on the problems identified. At DTC workshops, in addition to employing the conventional way, innovative ideas are created by developing a specific "future vision" and "ideal form" and considering "how to use AI to get closer to the future vision and the ideal form.

Fujitsu received the following feedback from customers who participated in the workshops: "Although participants had differing opinions in the meeting, a consensus was reached thanks to the facilitator," "The workshop became more effective by people from various departments getting together," and "I could develop ideas through free thinking."

Shuttle bus services are available from the Fujitsu Forum Osaka venue to DTC OSAKA

The opening day of DTC OSAKA coincided with Fujitsu Forum 2017 Osaka, and a shuttle bus went to and from the Fujitsu Forum venue and DTC OSAKA, where many customers experienced workshops for themselves.

*: A method to develop a specific vision of an ideal form and derive a realistic solution. This is a general application of designers' way of thinking.

Experiencing Damage from Cyber Attacks at the Security Workshop

DTC OSAKA provides workshops on a variety of themes, including AI, work style innovation, urban infrastructure, community building, virtual reality, and manufacturing. A new workshop has been added to the workshop menu at DTC OSAKA, where customers can actually experience cyber attacks. This Security Workshop is the same as the one being held at the Fujitsu Security Initiative Center (SIC) in Tokyo.

Currently, with the rapid evolution of ICT, the hyperconnected world is making progress where everything is intricately intertwined via networks. It is said that the number of items connected to the Internet in 2020 will be five times the current number, and security and privacy protection are becoming important issues.

A Workshop scene

So-called targeted email attacks are a typical type of cyber attack. Targeted email attacks may lead to information being divulged and data being falsified. In this workshop, customers actually experience a ransomware threat, which is known as malicious malware, in a demonstration.

Experiencing Malware in a Demonstration

The demonstration shows the victim's screen on the left side and the attacker's screen on the right side of the wall monitor screen. Customers actually experience how the screens will look when an attack takes place and how the infection will spread.

An email containing ransomware. Opening an attached zip file causes an infection.

First, an attacker (lecturer) sends an email entitled "Invoice" to one of the participants to which a malicious file containing ransomware is attached.

When the email recipient opens the attached file, the computer is hacked by the attacker and a popup demanding ransom appears.

Screen of the hacked computer (left)

A pop-up message demanding ransom

The lecturer also explains exit measures after infection: If unauthorized access is detected after executing malware, quickly stop the spread of infection using multiple defenses. Ransomware once caused serious problems at a hospital in Los Angeles, where electronic medical charts and emails stopped for more than one week and emergency patients had to be transferred to other hospitals. Therefore, early measures must be taken to prevent ransomware.

Fujitsu's Approach to Cyber Attacks

For cyber attacks, it is important to implement countermeasures on the premise that "malware always finds a way to intrude." Eliminating risks and taking advantage of the experience to prepare for new defenses--by dynamically repeating this cycle we can minimize the damage from cyber attacks, which are evolving day by day.

Keisuke Hikita
West Japan Business Promotion Department
Public Sector & Regional Business
Fujitsu Limited

We, at Fujitsu, are taking our social responsibility of undertaking customers' infrastructure and working on developing human resources capable of ensuring the safety of solutions provided to customers seriously by establishing the Security Meister Certification System.

A Co-creation Workshop Space for Helping Customers Clarify Their Vision

The same as DTC TOKYO, DTC OSAKA provides various workshops using unique digital tools suited to workshop themes, such as AI, security, work style innovation and digital marketing, which place importance on dialog with customers.

Studios A, B, and C

DTC OSAKA has three workshop areas: Studio A, Studio B and Studio C. Workshops held in these studios use Inspiration Cards originally created by Fujitsu. Each card indicates no correct answer. A dedicated Fujitsu's facilitator maps inspiration cards intuitively selected by customers to help realize their vision by visualizing customers' future ideal forms and future themes to work on.

Each studio is equipped with TelePresenceVideo, a video conferencing system that enables studios in Tokyo and Osaka to be connected during workshops.

Studio A: Customers build up ideas through a sequence of divergence and convergence in a relaxing, comfortable space

Studio B: Customers generate ideas with the support of Inspiration Cards

Studio C: With one computer per person, customers experience the threat of cyber attacks

Exhibition Area

The Exhibition Area next to the reception desk showcases Fujitsu's cutting-edge technologies. Customers can actually see and experience Fujitsu robots, VR and other examples of the latest technologies for themselves.

The Exhibition Area showcasing Fujitsu's cutting-edge technologies

Refresh Corner

DTC OSAKA strongly supports customers in their efforts to develop new businesses through various workshops. For further information, please contact a Fujitsu sales representative in your region.