Fujitsu Forum 2017 Osaka Report

Fujitsu Forum 2017 Osaka was held on August 2 and 3, 2017 at the Osaka International Convention Center in Nakanoshima, Osaka. Despite the hot weather, many customers attended the event and saw many products employing Fujitsu's latest technologies as well as various products generated through co-creation with other companies.


Keynote: Human Centric Innovation: Fujitsu's Initiatives to Drive Digital Co-creation

To kick off the forum, Tatsuya Tanaka (Fujitsu President) introduced Iwata City's new agriculture using ICT as an example of the theme of this year's Fujitsu Forum: "Digital Co-creation." Tanaka expressed his interest in cross-industrial collaboration: "By combining ICT, agriculture, local governments, and a seedling producer's expertise, we may transform local communities and industry, and even the future of Japan and the world." Digital co-creation echoes our brand promise, which is "shaping tomorrow with you." President Tanaka continued: "I hope you will be able to experience these Fujitsu initiatives first-hand."

Next to the podium was Hiroyuki Sakai (Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, Head of Global Marketing), who shared various customer case studies as specific Digital Co-creation initiatives. Sakai then gave an overview of the entire exhibition: "At this year's Fujitsu Forum Osaka, we will show you Fujitsu's Digital Co-creation initiatives in collaboration with a total of 47 companies, including our customers, partners, and startups." Sakai continued by expressing his determination: "As our customers' partner, we will contribute to their digital transformation with technologies, platforms, and knowledge."

The final speech was given by Masatoshi Otoda (Corporate Executive Officer, SVP, Head of West Japan Sales Business Unit, Public Sector & Regional Sales Group). Otoda provided an overview of the entire exhibition site as well as the FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center OSAKA (DTC Osaka), which opened the same day.

Tatsuya Tanaka
President, Fujitsu Limited

Hiroyuki Sakai
Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, CMO & Head of Global Marketing, Fujitsu Limited

Keynote: Fluctuating Situations Both at Home and Abroad, and the Future Direction of Politics and the Economy

In addition to these keynotes, five additional keynotes and 30 seminars and other presentations were given at the forum. Here, we will introduce a keynote speech by Shiro Tazaki from Jiji Press.

[Outline of Mr. Tazaki's keynote]
I am on familiar terms with Prime Minister Abe because of my job. On one occasion, I asked the Prime Minister, "What types of reporters do you trust?" He replied: "I trust reporters who have accompanied me not only when I was doing well but also when I faced misfortune in the political world of ups and downs." His words remain in my ears. In the world of politics, one plus one is not two; it may be 50 or even 100. This is true because people control politics. Prime Minister Abe is the kind of person who contacts you if you often make appointments to see him. You should never forget that everything is person to person.

Shiro Tazaki
Jiji Press Special News Commentator and
Political Commentator

Japan has many problems to solve in the future. For example, how should we deal with medical expenses that are expected to increase sharply when the current baby-boom generation turns 75? What can be done to decrease drug fees? Other challenges include the reduction in the number of producers, work style reform, and social security problems. During my 38 years as a reporter, I have become convinced that politics is ever changing. In the future, I will continue to do my best to report according to the changing times.

Exhibition Areas

Through nearly 70 demonstrations, the exhibition areas showcased digital transformation initiatives in business and society as well as the ICT supporting such initiatives.

[Manufacturing Zone]

Using AI & IoT to Optimize Entire Factory Operations

"Intelligent Dashboard" exhibition

Intelligent Dashboard optimizes all factory operations by understanding manufacturing sites' current statuses. This is achieved by monitoring various equipment information and connecting all kinds of data, including production performance, quality, and power consumption. In addition to symptom detection and secure data management, ensuring worker safety and managing workers' physical conditions becomes possible. *Co-creation with INESA and Intel

Visualizing Factory Operations Using M2M/IoT Solutions

This demonstration showcased a gateway for uploading data to a cloud server on manufacturing sites (mainly factory equipment-related data). At manufacturing sites, equipment-related items are controlled by an information device called a PLC. This gateway was created in response to strong demand from users to collect such data so as to collect information from the PLC and upload it to a cloud server. *Co-creation with Contec

[Logistics Zone]

Passing on Vehicle Dispatch Experts' Know-how through the Use of AI

Logistics zone

Dispatch operations include, for example, planning how packages should be loaded onto trucks and which routes are most efficient. Applying the "autonomous planning engine" to a conventional dispatch support system enables efficient routes to be identified automatically and speedily based on conditions such as the amount of packages, specified delivery times, and truck loading capacity.

Increasing Work Productivity at a Warehouse by an Automatic Tracking Cart/IoT

Demonstration of an automatic tracking cart. The cart moves along the yellow tape.

This is a demonstration of an automatic tracking cart from Doog, a venture company located in Tsukuba. The cart has a mode in which it automatically moves along yellow tape, and another mode in which it tracks objects by recognizing them with a laser sensor installed in the center of the cart. By placing bar codes on the yellow tape, customers can force the cart to "stop," "pass through and then stop," "turn right," and so on. When an item must be carried to another location at a logistics site, customers can systematically control the cart by issuing instructions from their tablets to automatically operate the cart. *Co-creation with Doog

[Community Building Zone]

Educational 3D-simulation Cardiac Viewer

"Cardiac simulator" demonstration screen: Customers can see a 3D view of the heart by wearing special glasses.

By analyzing CT images based on simulation results for coronary veins and coronary arteries, customers can see a 3D view of the heart's shape. By viewing 3D images instead of 2D images, which are difficult to understand, customers can see, for example, how much power the muscle has in terms of a numerical value. This viewer can be used for educational purposes at medical schools. In the future, with the aim of using the viewer for clinical purposes, Fujitsu will expand the viewer to enable examining livers, brains, and the digestive system.

Proposing Personalized Travel Plans

RoboPin presenting a travel plan

This service uses AI to prepare travel plans suitable for customers by understanding their personal hobbies and interests based on collected social network information. In this area, the mediator robot RoboPin presented travel plans using the latest projection technology.

Hotel Check-in with Smart Phones

This demonstration showed how to check in to a hotel by pointing a smartphone at RoboPin. The door to a model hotel room was unlocked using the smartphone's biometric authentication feature.

Check-in by smartphone

Demonstration using a model hotel room

[Finance Zone]

New Style of Hospitality Utilizing Robots and AI

RoboPin serving at a bank counter

This demonstration showcased use of the mediator robot RoboPin to provide over-the-counter banking services. For example, a customer visiting a financial institution to consult about an inheritance matter is first served by RoboPin before being guided to a manned counter for difficult questions. This automates some operations that were traditionally handled by people. The service is not limited to financial operations; it can be introduced in a range of areas regardless of sector and operation.

[IoT Zone]

Megaphone Translation for Interpreter-free Smart Guidance for Tourists to Japan

This service enables customers to use a megaphone-type translation device and maintenance cloud as a set. Four languages--Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean--can be translated using standard phrases registered in advance. Nearly 300 standard phrases have been registered, and the service supports approximately 1,800 sentence patterns, including modifiable sentences such as "The departure time is xx." A database of dedicated sentences can also be prepared for individual customers. This service has been adopted by railway companies, airports, security companies, police departments, large-scale commercial facilities, and building companies. In the future, Fujitsu will conduct a trail of the service at evacuation shelters. *Co-creation with Panasonic

Megaphone Translator main unit

Translation results

[AI Zone]

Small Stage for Human Centric AI Zinrai

Small stage

At the small stage in the AI zone, Fujitsu explained HPC's roles in AI. In addition, we introduced Fujitsu's concept of AI Zinrai and demonstration experiments at San Carlos Clinical Hospital (HCSC) in Spain as AI verification examples. We also introduced our research at the advanced AI research center launched by RIKEN in March 2017 under the theme of "AI that expects the unexpected."

Zinrai Deep Learning: Accelerating Your Business to a New Stage

Booth exhibition

In this demonstration, a circuit for solving "combinational optimization problems" was implemented and run in FPGA. Combinational optimization problems handle issues such as: what to restore first to ensure efficient restoration in a disaster or what combination of issues of financial instruments minimizes risk. In this demonstration, we showcased how a "digital annealer" can map and solve some mathematical problems. *Co-creation with Kawasaki Geological Engineering and 1QB Information Technologies

Home Digital Assistant (Unibo) Supporting "Smart Life"

Unibo communication robot

This demonstration presented the Unibo communication robot. At the exhibition, the robot collaborated with a refrigerator at home to collect data, such as what food was in the refrigerator and the expiration dates, and it recommended a dinner course by considering the owner's likes and tastes. If food is insufficient, the robot searches for supermarkets selling inexpensive food and provides advice to users in the form of a shopping list. *Co-creation with Unirobot

Accelerating Business Speed with AI--Knowledge Insights

This demonstration showcased technology for computing whether or not the content of words is close to each other by having an AI learn a great number of words. For example, in the case of the expression "snow white skin," when an AI learns multiple words such as "white skin" and "fine skin," the AI can determine that the words snow, white, and fine are close to each other.

In addition, there were exhibitions on urban infrastructure, agriculture, work style innovation, security, digital marketing, hybrid IT, and managerial innovation.

"FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center OSAKA (DTC Osaka)" opened at the same time as Fujitsu Forum Osaka was held. Shuttle bus service was available from the forum site to DTC Osaka, and many customers visited the location. We will report on this matter later.
(Click here for more information on DTC Osaka.)


Fujitsu Forum Osaka had the same essence as the Fujitsu Forum held in Tokyo in May 2017. The exhibition was easy to follow and had many highlights. Particularly striking was the great number of products generated through co-creation. Many products created by collaboration with other companies were exhibited, so the forum was truly an event in which customers could obtain hands-on experience of Digital Co-creation.

Osaka International Convention Center, the forum venue