Acecook Vietnam Chooses Fujitsu!
Inside the System that Visualizes Southeast Asia's Complex Logistics

Improving Logistics is Directly Tied to Improving Business Management in Regions with Bad Traffic Conditions

It is often said that the important factors supporting business management are people, goods, and money. In recent years, information and time have also been added to this list, making them the five most crucial factors of management resources.

However, the management resources considered crucial in one area may differ in another region or country, as well as their levels of importance. For example, Southeast Asia, where traffic conditions are not as good as in Japan, an important point in business management is that products, components and materials are delivered to clients and consumers without delay. In other words, in Southeast Asia, the level of importance for logistics is very high.

Visualizing Logistics and Connecting it to Management Improvements

At Acecook Vietnam, where instant noodles are manufactured and sold in Vietnam, discussions have been held on improving the quality and further optimizing existing logistics as a part of its management reforms. Vietnam is a long, narrow country that stretches from north to south. Every day, an average of approximately 500 trucks are necessary to procure raw materials, send them to manufacturing facilities and deliver finished products to retail stores.

What needs to happen to accurately manage so many trucks and visualize logistics? Additionally, what needs to happen to achieve initiatives that will connect logistics reforms with management reforms, such as improving logistics quality, operational efficiency and reducing costs? Acecook Vietnam's choice was to implement Fujitsu's logistics solution Logifit and its Logifit TM vehicle dispatch support system.

The challenges and results of Acecook Vietnam's initiatives

  1. 1The logistics process is not transparent due to Vietnam's business practices and traffic conditions
    Visualize the logistics process
  2. 2A desire to manage logistics but lack of knowledge
    Immediately ascertain the positions and operation information of each vehicle and provide optimal operation instructions
  3. 3Needed a system to deliver products from multiple manufacturers
    Construct a system that can be shared among Japanese companies