Fujitsu booth report for Money 20/20 Europe, the world biggest Fintech event.

Money 20/20 Europe, the world biggest exhibition covering payments and financial solutions was held in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 26th to 28th. This was the second time that Fujitsu had exhibited following the Money 20/20 Las Vegas. At Money 20/20 Europe, Fujitsu exhibited cutting edge financial solutions including Blockchain, AI etc.

Bella Center, the venue

What is "Money 20/20 Europe"

Money 20/20 set the main theme as innovative payment solution collaborated with mobile commerce, retailing or other type of businesses. It is one of the biggest events in Europe covering payments and financial services innovation. In the event, more than 4,000 visitors came from 70 countries including over 400 CEOs.
Money 20/20 Europe was held in Copenhagen, where it is known as one of the top tourist spots. It was thought that Copenhagen is a peaceful place surrounded by green and sea but on the day of the event, IT vendors, startups, and financial institutions gathered from all over the world and the entire city became energetic.

the first day of the event (26th), participants were hurrying their way to the venue for the keynote speech starting from 9am.

the exhibition hall were full of participants.

a capture of Track Session, there was also a panel discussion where the audience participated.

Co-creation with the customer, experience new financial service at Fujitsu booth

At Fujitsu booth, customers were able to experience through our cutting edge financial solution brand "Finplex" demonstration, which had Fujitsu's unique values added such as Blockchain and API management etc.

While the word "Fintech" has already widespread nowadays, in "payment service" arena, the roles of financial institutions and solution vendors are under review, not only in Japan but also in Europe. In addition two issues were brought up and discussed at the track session; the roles of the financial institutions in payment service and how to build up a service and make a profit by commercializing such as Blockchain.

In these situations, we launched "Finplex" last year and started promotion globally with the theme of co-creating a financial solution with the customer. We leveraged the following three advantages; cloud infrastructure "MetaArc" which is globally deployed, cutting edge technologies accumulated in laboratory and know-how which was created through a long term customer relationship.

At the Money 20/20 Europe exhibition, we believe that we were able to let the participants experience and understand that Fujitsu is able to deliver a new service beyond the industries by exhibiting two of the Finplex prototypes.

Blockchain for Mobile Payment
Contribution towards development of a sustainable local economy by utilizing blockchain-based payment service

Three of the followings were experienced through "Blockchain for Mobile Payment".
1. Face to Face Payment (Using mobile app to make cashless payment at stores)
2. Online to Offline Payment (Using mobile app to make reservations and purchase vouchers)
3. Store Operation Support (Using shop-end app for store operation support functions)

Digital Banking Ecosystem
Digital Banking Ecosystem which maximizes the real benefit of digital channels

By demonstrating Digital Banking services that utilizes API, AI, and Big Data etc., we were able to have the participants experience a new banking system that has a strong connection with customers.

Blockchain was a hot topic at many of session in the event, and we were able to exhibit with the timely theme while feeling there's a strong interest towards Blockchain in Europe.

Since 2016, Fujitsu started to deliver values which were based on co-creation with the customer with "New financial solution structure Finplex". Fujitsu continue to be the business partner that creates new business for customers with the experience, inspiration, and feedback from the customer from Money 20/20 event.