Experience the Future VR Services Envisioned by Mizuho FG and Fujitsu

Online Shopping Becoming Closer to Home

Today, many people use the Internet to shop. According to a survey by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the number of households shopping online has increased across all age brackets for the past ten years. The main reasons for this are "time savings" and "convenience" for younger generations and "being able to shop from home without needing to go to a brick-and-mortar store" for those in their sixties and older *.

With the rapid evolution of virtual reality (VR) technology, it has become possible for customers to check products in a realistic, three-dimensional way before making a purchase online. Thus far, VR has been used most commonly for gaming as a form of entertainment; however, recently it has become popular for creating new user experiences (UX).

* Source: "2015 White Paper on Information and Communications in Japan," Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Verifying Service Versatility through Purchasing Experiences Using VR Technology

In collaboration with the Mizuho Financial Group (Mizuho FG), Fujitsu produces demonstration content that provides users with new experiences by means of VR technology. Since April 2017, Fujitsu has been working to verify the versatility of services that use VR.

This demonstration content enables users to experience new purchasing methods and financial services associated with purchasing behavior. Users can see three-dimensional cross-sections of goods they want to purchase, such as bags and watches. They can also experience financial services (payment, asset management, and so forth) related to purchasing behavior.

Demonstration content is provided via the desktop VR display "zSpace." zSpace is practical equipment that is advantageous in terms of its light weight compared to head-mounted displays and excellent usability, which prevents users from feeling sick.

Fujitsu's Efforts Continue

This demonstration content provides users with a realistic purchasing experience by combining Fujitsu's technologies and Mizuho FG's financial knowledge. By making the most of the know-how obtained through this demonstration experiment, Fujitsu and Mizuho FG will apply this technology to various operations in the future.

Fujitsu's VR solution that uses zSpace can give users simulated experiences by combining visual, auditory, and tactile senses. This solution is expected to support users in various situations, such as training, simulation, and development in the fields of manufacturing, medical care, education, construction, and so forth. Moreover, by keeping in mind collaboration with various companies in the VR and other industries as well as by incorporating other advanced technologies, Fujitsu will accelerate research on potential needs for VR utilization and effective methods for doing so.