Fujitsu participates in one of the biggest Fintech exhibitions in Europe (Money 20/20)

Money 20/20 is one of the biggest exhibitions covering payments and financial solutions, and it is held in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 26th to 28th. You will experience cutting edge Fintech technologies through our "Finplex" * demonstration.

* Finplex:

Experience cutting edge Fintech at Money 20/20

The main theme of the Money 20/20 Copenhagen is innovative fusion with different industries where IT companies, Fintech companies and financial institutions exhibit and present their payments and financial solutions. Over 4,000 visitors are expected from 70 countries including over 400 CEOs.

Fujitsu will participate for the second time since last year's Money 20/20 Las Vegas.

Fujitsu introduces 2 demonstrations which are based on financial solution brand called "Finplex" at the booth.

The first demonstration is an enhanced version of payment service "Blockchain for Mobile Payment" which we have also exhibited at Money 20/20 Las Vegas. By utilizing blockchain technology for payment service, this service is expected to realize the easy connection among customers, various industries and local government, which improves efficiency and cost reduction in payment service.

The second demonstration is a Digital Banking Ecosystem which we have also received favorable reputation after exhibiting at Fujitsu Forum Tokyo (May 18th~19th, 2017). This service is provided based on a core service of Finplex financial front service platform "FrontSHIP", and Finplex financial APIs from Fujitsu Digital Business Platform "MetaArc".

Blockchain for Mobile Payment
Contribution towards development of a sustainable local economy by utilizing blockchain-based payment service

Depopulation, declining birthrate and aging population accelerate in many developed countries. Due to progress in digital technology, mobile payment becomes more familiar to consumers. Fujitsu is striving to develop sustainable local economy by providing the service to be used in local regions in co-creation with the regional chamber of commerce institutions, local consumers and foreign tourists.

"Blockchain for Mobile Payment" will make the following features possible
Face to Face Payment (Using mobile app to make cashless payment at the stores)

  • Payment by Digital Coins
  • Purchasing the local products using Loyalty Point

Online to Offline Payment (Using mobile app to make reservations and purchase vouchers)

  • Simple and smart reservation / purchase through mobile app, no matter where you are
  • Ticket and vehicle reservation, voucher purchase, for yourself and for your friends / family as a gift

Store Operation Support (Using shop-end app for store operation support functions)

  • Dynamic reservation management in cooperation with reservation function of consumer apps
  • Forecast of the number of the visiting customers based on algorithm, using big data analysis)

Blockchain for Mobile Payment demonstration screen image

Digital Banking Ecosystem
Digital Banking Ecosystem which maximizes the real power of digital channels

Values we offer through Digital Banking Services are the followings;

  • By utilizing APIs and providing banking services co-created by various industries, create a digital banking ecosystem allowing every user to easily experience money related services anytime and anywhere.
  • By utilizing APIs, making the most use of the existing system, provide new services quickly through various channels, to generate new touch points and new customer experiences.
  • Make full use of digital advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to further insight into users, and enable offering information and services that customers want. Which also strengthen the relationship between financial institutions and users.

Digital Banking Ecosystem concept image

Digital Banking demonstration screen image

Please come visit our booth (Booth number: G3&H1)