Marketing That Focuses on "Individuality" Brings New Value to the Customer Experience

Consumer purchasing behavior is changing significantly as sales channels diversify due to the spread of mobile devices and social networks. Against this backdrop, to maintain and strengthen customer engagement, we must accurately grasp each customer's "individuality" and connect this to precise actions to achieve a hit. We will introduce how marketing is evolving through customer case studies in which we co-created innovative ways to utilize data.
[Fujitsu Forum 2017 Conference Report]

Offering the Optimal CX by Understanding Customers from a 360-degree Perspective

Scene from the conference

Fujitsu's Hirayama began the conference with a question: "Are you delivering what your customers really want?" He shared his own experience in which he searched online to purchase a golf driver and went to a store to purchase it.

"A few days after I purchased it at the store, a discount coupon arrived for the driver I purchased. One week later, a coupon arrived for an additional discount, including golf balls. When I saw that, I felt like I got a bad deal. The reason this happens is probably due to siloed divisions carrying out initiatives separately. This is caused by a lack of proposals for a consistent customer experience from the customer's viewpoint.

"To provide the optimal customer experience to resolve this issue, in 2016 Fujitsu introduced a new digital marketing system, FUJITSU Digital Marketing Platform CX360. CX360 is a concept that provides the optimal CX (customer experience) by understanding the customer from a 360-degree perspective. While working with many customers on digital marketing with CX360, the keyword every customer references is 'customer-centric.' The keys to success are achieving real-time performance and personalized marketing."

Next, customers actually using CX360 in their businesses to tackle digital marketing gave presentations.

Project for Individualized Approaches Using Customer Journey Analysis

Kotaro Shimizu
Section Manager
Child Educational Sales Department
Benesse Corporation

"Benesse Corporation provides lifelong support ranging from education, parenting, living, and language/global personnel training through to senior care/nursing. Among these, we place value on 'Kodomo Challenge,' an education service for 0- to 6-year-olds, as the first point of contact for connecting customers to Benesse Corporation. Therefore, our strategy had relied on investing in promotions to increase the number of customers. The reason for using CX360 was to rethink this and 'aim to acquire customers at a reasonable cost through personalization in order to increase the match rate between our customers and our strategy.'

"Our strategy mainly consists of the following three elements: DM (direct mail), phone calls, and the web. However, data for these three strategies is scattered. To clearly understand our customers, we integrated and analyzed our data with CX360. Using the analyzed customer information as hints, we could streamline DM and phone calls as well as increase the effects of our Web strategy. The effects of phone calls were particularly strong.

"People do not answer calls during the day on weekdays if they are working. However, customers who view our website during the day tend to pick up their phones. By linking into web behavior data, we can make phone calls at times that fit customers' lifestyle patterns.

"Additionally, the preferred material to recommend depends on whether the household's child is a boy or a girl. By preparing a script prior to calling based on the activities, interests, and concerns assumed according to the pages the user is viewing, we could increase the DM draw rate. As a result, the call rate increased during the test period by 180% compared to pre-testing levels, and the enrollment rate also increased.

"Additionally, the website, which had been designed to enable users to wander about to find the page they were looking for, was changed to a website that is easier to personalize. After this, the transition rate to pages where materials of interest are described increased dramatically, and the membership rate is continuing to rise as well. This may already sound good, but this is only the starting point. We plan to work to achieve the optimal personalization by determining whether a highly detailed version is better or a somewhat categorized version is better.

"We could see some results from mutual utilization of data among channels. We will continue to do this while coordinating channels prior to visiting our website by means such as web ads and LINE (a messaging app). Additionally, we hope to automate and decrease the load of operational schemes that had been performed manually and to promote real-time accessibility. In 2017 and beyond, 'Kodomo Challenge' will continue to strive to further improve sales efficiency through personalization."

Find Your "Perfect" Housekeeper

Sachiko Wada
CEO & Founder
Taskaji Inc.

"Taskaji is developing a sharing economy for housekeeping services. By registering with Taskaji, individuals who want to work as housekeepers can be matched with individuals who want to hire them. As a friend of working mothers, we are positively increasing our share under the slogan of 'Let's create a world where everyone who wants to can use housekeeping services.'

"Taskaji had two problems. One was that though our website had visitors, it failed to acquire users. Second, there was little increase in the number of repeaters. To solve these two problems, we used CX360.

"When we finely divided the phase up to use and analyzed access histories for the process up to the first use, we discovered that many users left during account registration. We also learned that users left without using the service despite searching on the search screen.

"Additionally, based on the results of customer journey analysis from site entry to first use, we implemented the following strategy to guide users to the next action before leaving the site. For example, based on the result that 'visitors who go to the search page once have a high rate of account registration,' we displayed a pop-up prompting the user to go to the search page for visitors who remained awhile on the home page and may have been hesitant to use the site.

"By doing so, temporary ID acquisition and the initial request rate increased significantly. Account registration tripled, and search to initial use increased 2.5 times.

"Moreover, we had been delivering housekeeper introductions via e-mail newsletters. We personalized these and now see better results by delivering individualized messages to users. Based on these results, we hope to continue providing the most appropriate information to each customer in order to encourage use as well as to implement strategies that do not harm the user experience."

Streamlining the PDCA Cycle Using Domo

Takehiro Akiba
Director, CRM and Web Marketing Dept.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia

"Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia manages the PlayStation business for Japan and the Asian region.
"We communicate with our customers through various touchpoints, including the Web, e-mail, and social networks, to encourage our customers to enjoy video games. Each touchpoint generates various data. Previously, we had to use a number of tools for reporting to monitor KPI.

"Our main business is not generating reports. Our main job is to grasp customer trends from report data and to proceed with the next action. The starting point was our desire to do away with the daily load of reports.

"Thus, we integrated all our data sources on 'Domo' in order to view the daily results by checking Domo. The initial configuration involving what information to link and display from each data source took some man-hours, but, now that it has been built, data is updated automatically. We previously made hypotheses based on intuition and past data. Now, we can follow a PDCA cycle based on real-time data. As a result, we now spend more time on our main job, PDCA.

"Domo is a BI tool that does not contain data. Therefore, its value is not evident unless you put in the data. We started with a small-scale implementation, but now when we share Domo with members from other departments, we hear them say that it is a great tool. We plan to expand use among departments, increase the amount of linked data, and speed up the PDCA cycle while checking overseas data as well."

Fujitsu's Efforts to Enhance CX360

Masashi Hirayama
Head of the Digital Marketing Business Department,
Innovative IoT Division
Fujitsu Limited

"While the importance of digital contact points is increasing, the BtoB realm has various challenges, such as 'the effort's purpose is unclear, 'goals and KPI cannot be established,' and 'the process is unclear.' It is important to create a roadmap for realization starting from drafting the digital marketing strategy through to redesigning the operation system. CX360 enhances and supports strategic consulting in the BtoB realm.

"Additionally, there has been a shift from the era of mass marketing to isolated marketing. The times are shifting from segments to individuals, and from temporary to long-term engagement marketing. In the world of engagement marketing, what counts is when to provide what to whom. Implementation of marketing automation is an effective method when carrying out optimal one-to-one communication. We are collaborating with Marketo, the market leader in marketing automation adopted by over 4,600 companies worldwide, to grasp our customers' conditions and achieve the approach with the best timing.

"Furthermore, we are strengthening the DMP area by collaborating with Treasure Data. 74% of companies value decision-making based on data analysis. There is a great need for high-speed analysis of large data volumes and speedy iteration of PDCA for operations. Given such circumstances, we are collaborating with Treasure DMP to carry out high-speed analysis of large data volumes while accumulating such data on the cloud and achieving high-speed PDCA for digital marketing operations.

"We will also work to expand functions using marketing AI containers. General analysis tools can no longer sufficiently meet analytical needs. We will respond to various challenges with the marketing AI container on XDP (eXperience Data Platform). It features various analytical models that systematize the know-how, knowledge, and techniques Fujitsu's data scientists have obtained from over 200 analytical projects.

"With CX360, which has three values - solutions, teams, and the community - we will realize marketing innovation by achieving real-time understanding of customers as well as a personalized approach."

  • Masashi Hirayama Head of the Digital Marketing Business Department,
    Innovative IoT Division
    Fujitsu Limited

  • Kotaro Shimizu Section Manager
    Child Educational Sales Department
    Benesse Corporation

  • Sachiko Wada CEO & Founder
    Taskaji Inc.

  • Takehiro Akiba Director, CRM and Web Marketing Dept.
    Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia