[Flash Report: Part 2/2] Co-creation Generating a Stream of New Value! What's Hot at FF2017

Fujitsu Forum 2017 was held May 18-19 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan. This year's theme was "Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-creation." This part of the report mainly delivers a digest of the keynotes on the first day as well as the details of the "MetaArc for Supporting Digital Transformation" area.

Keynotes: "Fujitsu's Initiatives to Drive Digital Co-creation"

On May 18, the first day of "Fujitsu Forum 2017," keynote speeches were given by Tatsuya Tanaka, Fujitsu President and Representative Director; and Hiroyuki Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, Head of Global Marketing. Tanaka, who was first to the stage, declared three new kinds of value that Fujitsu will generate in the digital age - "Fujitsu will be a technology company," "pursue better platforms," and "collaborate." "This is why digital transformation and 'Shaping tomorrow with you' are necessary," he explained as he introduced Fujitsu's policy. Next on stage, Sakai showed some in-house practices in the digital area, Fujitsu's latest technologies, and co-creation case studies with venture companies and customers. He concluded his speech with these words: "Fujitsu strives to 'co-create excitement' and hopes to achieve digital transformation together with our customers as partners."

"MetaArc for Supporting Digital Transformation" Area

The exhibition hall is divided into roughly two areas: "Digital Co-creation for New Business and Society" and "MetaArc for Supporting Digital Transformation." The latter area consists of approximately 40 zones under the themes of "AI," "IoT," "Work Style Innovation," "Security," "Digital Marketing," and "Hybrid IT." Among these, the "Human Centric AI Zinrai" stage introduces Fujitsu's AI efforts thus far as well as the new Zinrai services and latest technology announced on May 16.

AI Zone

AI is being employed in various business areas. The "Daily Demand Prediction for Retailers" area exhibits a service for retailer demand prediction in which AI analyzes demand predictions by the hour based on information such as temperature, events, and prices. For example, customers can experience how demand predictions are displayed on a tablet screen when a person in charge of ordering at a store enters product information. Customers can also view predictions for what will happen if a product is sold at a lower price. Additionally, actual case studies with Fujitsu customers are introduced, such as an AI service for improving the quality of customer service at call centers by quantifying the level of satisfaction from conversation voices.
To support the practical application of such AI services, Fujitsu is also introducing the world's fastest deep learning system platform, which it has newly developed.

In the "Mixed Reality Solution" area, Fujitsu is introducing a solution which facilitates reliably carrying out inspection tasks for factories and equipment using Microsoft's mixed reality device, the Microsoft HoloLens. By putting on the HoloLens, the places to inspect remote equipment and machinery can be viewed realistically at any time without requiring the inspector to physically be present. Workers with little experience can perform accurate inspections without making location-related errors.

In the "Communication Innovation: Fujitsu Robot Cloud" area, Fujitsu introduces the details of its entry into the interactive robot business that it announced on May 16, 2017. Experience a demonstration in which Unibo, a communication robot from Unirobot, recognizes emotions from attendees' facial expressions and tones of voice in order to interact with them. Additionally, as an application of the Robot Cloud Platform, a demonstration of an intercom with a facial recognition feature is provided.

Work Style Innovation Zone

Many companies are making efforts to achieve work style reform, and Fujitsu too is working on new work style innovation. The "Real-time Communication beyond Language Barriers" area enables customers to experience how spoken foreign languages can be translated into Japanese text in real-time during an internal company call with multinational employees.

In the "Digital Co-creation Space," the co-creation space has been connected to the FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center (DTC) in Tokyo's Hamamatsu-cho to demonstrate remote sharing of a co-creation space.

IoT Zone

The "Sound x IoT Innovation by Digital Co-creation with YAMAHA" area introduces earphones equipped with sensors that detect location information and orientation, allowing the user to hear surrounding noises. This is a conceptual mockup of a system where sound is delivered via the cloud in accordance with a person's location and movement. Fujitsu aims to create new businesses by integrating sound with IoT technology.

The "Communication Support for Family Living Apart" area introduces a new sense of communication which "delivers a sense of presence" while taking privacy into consideration. The exhibition in a near-future room shows a round window projected onto the wall, by means of which the user can check in on family members living apart. Experience a new way of communicating with family members, including knocking on the window to talk.

Security Zone

With massive cyber attacks sending shockwaves around the world, the "Security" zone is also drawing much attention. Here, Fujitsu is holding its annual "Fujitsu Cyber Security Workshop 2017." At this workshop, attendees can try out the latest security technology based on recent attack trends through hands-on instruction and contest-style exercises.

Moreover, in response to the Revised Personal Information Protection Act which comes into full effect on May 30, 2017, "Protecting and Utilizing Personal Information" is introduced as a solution to support the creation of "de-identified data."

Digital Marketing Zone

In accordance with the rise in popularity of Internet shopping, Fujitsu proposes a solution for generating new customer experience value. In the "Realizing Real Time Optimal Approach for Individual Customers" area, Fujitsu demonstrates, for example, how when a woman using a cosmetics EC site purchases a baby product, for subsequent visits the homepage can be customized with items recommended for families. It also introduces marketing case studies in which approaches are changed for each customer.

Regarding digital marketing utilizing AI, Fujitsu offers demonstrations that propose real-estate properties using AI-based chatbots, as well as technology in which an AI detects a consumer's interest or hesitation when using an EC site on a smartphone. The solution includes unique features such as a robot sales clerk that automatically appears on the smartphone EC site when the consumer shows high interest.

Hybrid IT Zone

With the spread of the cloud, the term "hybrid IT" is coming into increasingly common use. At Fujitsu Forum, the "What is Hybrid IT that Accelerates Business?" area introduces hybrid IT as Fujitsu sees it as well as the various platforms supporting it.

Recently, customers are increasingly using cloud environments by migrating their ICT environments into public clouds, private clouds, and so on. Here, Fujitsu references case studies to introduce customers' challenges and solutions when using the cloud. We also introduce Fujitsu's various efforts to support corporate ICT environments, including "DB powered by Oracle Cloud," which is a database feature from Oracle offered by Fujitsu as part of the K5 service, and optimized infrastructure employing the world's most powerful server.

When visiting the site, please take a look at one of the smartphones used by floor staff members. Though they appear to be typical smartphones at first glance, they are being used as "IP transceivers" via a special app. This app integrates group calls, individual calls, and intercoms, and has a wider call area than transceivers. Please visit the "Improving Operational Efficiency with Smart Communication" area for details.

Amidst digital technology's continuing evolution, the generation of new value is expected to be realized via co-creation among people, communities, companies, and society based on new technology such as AI, robotics, and IoT. Fujitsu hopes customers can experience how co-creation enabled by technology changes our lives, work, and society for the better.