FUJITSU Opens Digital Business College to Develop Human Resources Capable of AI and Design Thinking in the Digital Era

Business Model for Creating Profit Opportunities and Maximize People's Satisfaction

The development of digital technologies, including AI, big data, and IoT, has enabled digitalization, accumulation and analysis of various things and matters. The concept of "digital business" was hatched from such a context. Digital business is a business model for creating profit opportunities using ICT. Recently, the key focus has been on "how to create profit opportunities and maximize people's satisfaction" through digital business.

Information systems divisions of companies are now required to accelerate company-wide digitalization, not just to develop and operate in-house systems. In order to come up with ideas that accelerate innovation, they need to acquire knowledge and know-how on various technologies, including AI utilization, big data analysis and measures against cyberattacks.

To be able to respond to these challenges, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Learning Media will open FUJITSU Digital Business College in July 2017, with the aim of developing human resources to accelerate digital business by combining the knowledge of leading experts in various industries and Fujitsu's knowledge and know-how obtained through developing and applying digital technologies.

Four Courses to Learn Design Thinking, Latest AI Technologies and Security Measures

FUJITSU Digital Business College is a training service for heads of companies' information systems divisions (general managers/department managers) and working-level personnel (leaders). To support the development of human resources who can accelerate digital business in companies, Fujitsu offers 4 to 6-month long-term training programs. There are four types of courses.

(1) Course for heads of information system divisions
A training course that provides division heads with knowledge and experience to lead digital business (One type of course is offered, which includes overseas workshop training in Silicon Valley, USA).

(2) Course for working-level personnel
A training course that provides learning opportunities in design thinking* to accelerate digitalization, the latest AI technologies, data utilization and security measures (Three types of courses are offered).

*: Design thinking refers to concepts, methodologies and processes utilized during the process of designing by designers. In this course, design thinking is organized into business use.

Restructuring Customers' Work and Creating New Value

FUJITSU Digital Business College, which is supervised by leading experts in various fields, provides Fujitsu's co-creation spaces and an environment to use cutting-edge technologies and provides support for building communities transcending corporate boundaries to develop human resources who can realize digitalization in customer companies.

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Learning Media will expand the lineup and the content of courses in this service and increase the number of participants to contribute to work restructuring and new value creation in customer companies through the developing human resources who are capable of accelerating digital business.

Other than this college service, Fujitsu has various facilities such as the member-based DIY workshop, TechShop, which helps people give form to their ideas using full-scale machine tools and the FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center, which is a co-creation workshop space to help customers realize digital transformation. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our sales representatives.

(Left) FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center; (Right) TechShop