Accelerating Digital Transformation with AI and IoT, and a New Role for IT Departments

IT Department Tackling a New Role to Achieve Business Growth

Nowadays, companies' digital transformation has advanced in all fields by utilizing digital technology, which has had positive effects in business including optimizing business processes, improving operation efficiency, improving customer experience and satisfaction, and improving employee satisfaction. More than ever, managers expect the IT department to contribute to business.

Fujitsu's IT department established the Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) to accelerate its digital transformation. Today, cloud computing has been increasingly adopted in corporate system environments, and as a result, operational workloads have been reduced. Future IT departments need to be a leader, or Center Of Excellence (CEO), in promoting internal digital transformation, and serve as an important partner of the management and operational divisions through environment construction and service provision, utilizing internal and external data.

Providing Global Analytics Services to Strengthen Global Management, Taking Full Advantage of AI and IoT

After the BICC was established, two themes were identified to promote the use of IT in management and operations. One is to globally integrate data in business systems across the entire group to support real-time decision making by management. The other is to strengthen the data analysis capabilities of each operational division to contribute to business performance.

To work on these two themes, Fujitsu has constructed global analytics services on the K5 cloud platform. They take full advantage of the latest technologies, such as AI and IoT, to integrate and analyze operational data from overseas sites as well as both internal and external big data. Based on this, Fujitsu has started to enhance global management and implement digital transformation into practice for accounting and purchasing and other operational divisions.

Six services included in the global analytics services

The global management dashboard has made possible the visualization and sharing of problems at management meetings, which allows business managers to speed up their actions. They can check in a timely manner accounting data of all sites from any other site worldwide to drill down and analyze the data as needed. This service is highly thought of by management. It has started to contribute to business due to the improvement of the analysis capabilities of each operational division. For example, global purchasing data analysis allows the design of a cost-reduction plan that saves billions of yen.

Global management dashboard integrates business situation of all sites for visualization and analysis

Providing Customers with Internal Practical Know-How as a Service

From spring 2017, Fujitsu will provide in a wide-ranging manner its internal BICC know-how to customers as a service. In addition, 200 specialists will support customers in solving their problems by suggesting optimal IT solutions through understanding the customers' operations and discovering potential problems.

As a partner in realizing digital transformations for our customers, Fujitsu will work on this task together with them through FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc and FUJITSU Human Centric AI Zinrai, while having a deep understanding of our customers' business goals and challenges.

Fujitsu Implementing Digital Transformations of Global Management and Company-Wide Data Utilization with Its Next-Generation Information Utilization Platform, Taking Full Advantage of AI and Analytics Technology- Fujitsu's Internal Use Case Study -