Preventing Serious Accidents in One-Person Operations at Dangerous Worksites and in Extreme Conditions

Falling from Heights or Falling over…Field Workers Who Work Alone Always Face Danger

Many workers worry about working alone in factories or locations with poor visibility. If a worker falls over or falls from a height and is not quickly discovered, the situation may deteriorate. Also, high-temperature factory rooms put workers at high risk of heatstroke and dehydration.

According to a 2016 report on occupational accidents (November 2016) by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, occupational accidents occurred most frequently in the manufacturing industry, followed by the construction industry. To prevent heatstroke and falling-over accidents, various measures are taken at each worksite, such as verbally checking workers’ health conditions and placing warning signs in dangerous locations where workers are likely to fall over. Nevertheless, workers often do not notice changes at worksites and sometimes carelessly enter dangerous locations.

Fujitsu has developed a solution called the "UBIQUITOUSWARE Safety Management Solution" * to support the realization of safe workplaces by using remote monitoring to identify workers' conditions and locations so that workers can work with peace of mind.

Temperature, humidity, momentum, pulse rate, and other information obtained from sensor devices attached to workers can be used to estimate each worker's heat stress level **. When this stress level reaches the specified level, an alarm is transmitted to the administrator so that the administrator can manage the worker's condition by issuing an instruction to take a rest or to promptly respond to an accident.

Vital sign sensing band, part of the UBIQUITOUSWARE Safety Management Solution

*: Formal name: FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE (safety management support solution)
**: Based on "WBGT and Temperature, Relation to Humidity" of the Japanese Society of Biometeorology, heat stress conditions can be classified into one of the following four levels based on the combination of humidity, temperature, and pulse rate: safe, low heat stress level, medium heat stress level, and high heat stress level.

When an Accident Occurs, Prompt Action Can Help Prevent Aggravation

Fujitsu has strengthened the functions of its Safety Management Solution on the market and started to provide them as SaaS. Besides transmitting an alarm from the affected worker, the location of the event triggering the alarm and the response status can be checked via a web application. Grasping worksites' conditions facilitates taking appropriate measures and preventing serious accidents.

It is also possible to build the optimal management system based on each worksite's situation, such as by increasing or decreasing the number of work groups or workers on-site and changing the alarm occurrence conditions. The occurrence status, response status, and worksite environment information acquired are output in CSV format by data item, which can then be used to prepare reports and analyze data as well as for other purposes.

Image of the Safety Management Support Solution

Realizing Safe, Secure Living

Providing the Safety Management Solution as a cloud service frees customers from developing safety systems on their own. Fujitsu also provides a trial pack so that customers can easily check how it works in practice.

In addition to the above, Fujitsu also provides human-centric IoT solutions, such as the Worksite Support Solution, Resident Monitoring Solution, and FEELythm. Fujitsu will continue striving to create solutions that contribute to safe, secure living based on ideas developed from various customers' knowledge.