Reducing the Ever-Increasing Processing Load of Administrative Security Measures to Protect Personal Information, Including My Number

Japan to Start Sharing Information Online Using My Number

About one year has passed since the My Number system was introduced in January 2016 *. Did you know that soon information will start being shared online using My Number?

The government, positioning the My Number system as a key infrastructure for the fourth industrial revolution, has been working on system reforms in the fields of finance and medical care to improve administrative efficiency relating to family registers, passports, deposits, savings and taxes, and medical and nursing-care services.

In July 2017, Japan will start sharing information online using My Number in conjunction with the national and local governments and aims to expand the scope of use of My Number going forward to "improve convenience in the lives of the citizenry," to "reform child care administrative services in an aging society with an extremely low birthrate," and to "create a safe and disaster-resilient society" as priorities in the Declaration to be the World's Most Advanced IT Nation **.

* The official name is the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures.
** The Japanese government's initiatives to make Japan the world's most advanced IT nation, in which all Japanese can enjoy the benefits of IT.

Local Governments Are Required to Further Strengthen Information Management and Meet Increasing PC Regulations

To realize sharing information online using My Number, it is necessary to apply the My Number system to the tax and social security systems of all local governments. To handle various residents' personal information, more complete and advanced security measures are required. Therefore, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is calling on all local governments to review and boost information security and monitoring functions.

The security measures set out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, namely, two-factor authentication ***, which combines more than one form of authentication, such as biometric authentication and card authentication, is required for login authentication. Also, functions to collect and manage operation logs and restrict data retrieval are also required. Although these measures are necessary for properly handling important information, procuring and installing in PCs individually by understanding security requirements can often add to the workload of local government staff members as well as increase operational and other costs.

*** An authentication method that requires two different authentication factors for system login authentication.

The All-in-One Solution for Biometric Authentication, Countermeasure for Preventing Peeping, and Logging

In response to the many requests from local governments that deal with My Number, Fujitsu will launch an all-in-one type security PC for administrative use in March 2017 that can meet the specific requirements set out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and that can be installed in a short time within a limited budget.

The PC has the following features.

1. Built-in palm vein authentication sensor and contact-type My Number card reader
This PC has a built-in palm vein authentication sensor in the main unit that meets the two-factor authentication requirement by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. It offers a built-in My Number card reader for future use, allowing information to be easily managed without taking up space on the desktop. It also meets functional requirements for restricting data retrieval and keeping logs.

Left: Smart card/My Number card, Right: Top plate

2. Crime prevention measures against theft, peeping, and other threats
This PC is equipped with "encrypted SSD" **** which encrypts data using hardware in case the PC is stolen. It is also possible to print each customer's ownership information or mark on the top plate (the reverse side of the screen). This serves as a deterrent to theft for resale purposes. Data breaches by "shoulder-hacking," which is the simplest way to steal secret information by peeping at the user's screen over their shoulder, also leads to serious damage. As a measure to prevent peeping, the screen is equipped with a protective filter and a protective application is installed. This application has a feature for preserving images that continuously detects the user's facial color and clothing with a camera to prevent peeping.

The screen automatically turns off when leaving the desk, and the camera detects the user and preserves the image

All these features are set at the factory prior to the product delivery to users, which reduces the workload of on-site local government staff members and significantly reduces the total cost, including operation costs.

**** Solid State Drive: A drive device that uses flash memory as the storage medium

Further Expanding the Use of My Number

The Act on the Protection of Personal Information fully enforced in 2007 and the bill to revise the My Number law aim to expand the use of My Number in the financial field for numbering of deposit and savings accounts and in the medical field for clerical work related to specific medical examinations and health guidance. Therefore, complete and sophisticated management of information management is a continuous challenge for local governments as well as all companies and organizations that handle information.

Fujitsu aims to realize a safe and secure society by preventing personal information from being divulged by combining advanced security features designed to reduce the burden on users and features required for the use of My Number.