Peace of Mind for Overseas Students! Pay University Fees and Donations with Ease by Credit Card Online

Amid the Accelerating Decline of the Birthrate, What can be done to Increase the Number of Applicants?

According to a survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the percentage of students attending university in 2016 * was 56.8%, the highest level ever. However, amid the accelerating decline of the birthrate in Japan, it can be assumed that the number of students enrolled in university courses will decline as the total number of students will decline. Therefore, universities have begun taking a number of measures to boost their value by themselves by improving the quality of education and student satisfaction and to increase the number of potential students.

In addition, as measures to increase the number of potential students, universities are actively accepting overseas students. Globalization initiatives of universities by increasing the number of overseas students and establishing new faculties that focus on the international community also enhance the value of universities.

According to the survey by NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) in the U.S., more than half of the payments for college and university fees are made online.

Method used to pay college and university fees in the U.S.

Availability of online payment in Japan will perhaps become an effective countermeasure for the declining birthrate global society faces.

*: The rate of university and junior college enrollment including high school graduates from the past year according to the 2016 “School Basic Survey.”

Improving Convenience for Students, Parents and University Administration by Introducing Credit Card Payments

Payment of university fees (entrance fee and tuition fees) are commonly made by bank transfer at present. It’s time consuming and places burdens on both students and universities such as obtaining a written application and sending it. Fujitsu’s “university fees online payment service” ** provides services for making payments such as university fees and donations by credit card online. As transactions are completed online, payments can be made easily from PCs and smartphones as long as the person making the payment has a credit card. In addition, the service allows people to choose the frequency of payment just like normal credit card use to suit individual circumstances. Furthermore, as payments can be made from overseas as well as in Japan, it will be cheaper than international money transfers, which incur transaction fees if overseas students wish to make payments from their own countries.

Visual image of the system for “university fees online payment service”

For universities to function as places for study and research in a better environment, donations from past students are important source of funds. “University fees online payment service” allows a person to take actions immediately from anywhere 24/7 when deciding to make donations. In addition, under 2016 revised legislation, when individuals make donations to universities, they receive tax breaks. The service also issues certificates for such application and makes relevant administrative process seamless.

**: FUJITSU Education Solution Campusmate-J University fees online payment service

Improving the Value of Universities by Offering a Variety of Services

As “university fees online payment service” is being offered on Cloud (SaaS) and is in operation at Fujitsu’s Data Center which takes all possible security measures, it can be used safely anytime. Improving the convenience for potential students and existing students in Japan and from overseas and improving services for past students who are willing to donate funds to support university management will enhance the value of universities.

Going forward, Fujitsu will continue supporting the environment of study and university management through solutions specifically catered for universities.