Building a hybrid environment between mission-critical servers and the cloud within a data center - a Case Study of Asatsu-DK Inc. -

To change its ICT infrastructure, Asatsu-DK Inc. ("ADK") moved some of its key information systems to a cloud (IaaS) environment of the Fujitsu Data Center before moving to Toranomon Hills. Now under a new operational structure, ADK strives to realize a safe and flexible ICT environment and operational reform.

ICT value increases with changes in business

ADK, the third largest advertising company in Japan, wants to expand its business beyond advertising.

In order to strengthen its ICT strategy, ADK launched the ICT infrastructure and operational structure renovation in 2012. Its plan to relocate the head office to Toranomon Hills in June 2014 provided the perfect opportunity. Instead of creating a large server space in the new location to accommodate its key information systems, ADK decided to save money by using space-saving blade servers, moving the communication infrastructure to a cloud environment, and relocating the mission-critical servers to a third party data center.

The ICT infrastructure project was launched in December 2012 with three keywords: data center, cloud (IaaS), and operation. The objective of the project was to relocate most servers to a reliable data center, move some information systems to a cloud environment linked to an on-premises housing environment and achieve comprehensive system operation.

In January 2013, ADK chose Fujitsu from over 20 supplier choices. Data center reliability and functionality including seismic isolation, security and on-premises connection, as well as the cloud service offering and proposals for total operational improvement were the determining factors.

Building a new ICT infrastructure by linking mission-critical servers and the cloud in the Data Center

Creation of the new ICT infrastructure began in May 2013. After the operation plan was formulated, infrastructure and business systems for daily use were created, and system operation started. Both system and head office relocation finished at the same time.

"The relocation was so seamless I was asked if it actually took place." (Hiroshi Kawai)

The biggest benefit of this project is the improved service framework. We are able to respond to failure even at night owing to the 24/7 monitoring service. Relocating the ICT infrastructure to the top-class Fujitsu Data Center has strengthened BCP*.

The cloud environment allows timely use of ICT resources, and ADK has already benefited from it through quickly installing file servers at group companies. Also, with FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Hosted LCP, ADK can now launch a system within three days although it used to take about three months due to server procurement.

"Without worrying about hardware failures or management tasks, we can now focus on more important tasks such as ICT strategy planning." (Masato Ota, Director)

The approach toward operational reform was also a part of the project. For future strategic ICT investments, ADK is creating new teams and a business service menu to optimize service levels and costs. It also aims for strategic use of the cloud by visualizing its benefit and cost for executive consideration.

*: Business Continuity Planning