Image Recognition and Supply-Demand Forecasting - Speedily Transforming AI Technologies into Businesses

Zinrai Platform Service, Offering 30 APIs for Speedily Introducing AI for your business

There are rising expectations regarding a shift of AI from its current boom into commercialization. To date, Fujitsu has studied and tested the introduction of AI into business systems together with more than 300 customer firms. During this process, Fujitsu identifies the technologies and know-how found to be especially important to customers using AI, and it rolls these out sequentially as the Zinrai Platform Service while incorporating industry knowledge and operations.

This service provides a total of 30 APIs (as of FY2017), which include function-oriented APIs for building-block technologies and application-oriented APIs, which combine building-block technologies by use case and incorporate functions and knowledge for customer operations. Customers can quickly put together an AI-powered system by choosing the required APIs, such as those for image recognition, speech to text conversion, knowledge searching and demand prediction.

Zinrai Deep Learning: Learning Capabilities Enhanced with Supercomputer Technology

For customers who require more sophisticated use of data, Fujitsu is providing the world's fastest class deep-learning IaaS service Zinrai Deep Learning, using software technology that implements parallel-processing supercomputer technology and deep learning * developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, in conjunction with the Tesla™ P100, the latest GPU ** from the U.S. NVIDIA Corporation ***. Based on this service, customers can combine APIs best meeting their needs, to implement high-speed, high-quality, AI-based systems.

Fujitsu also provides total support services to facilitate customers' use of AI, covering consulting, introduction, and operation. These development technologies have also been employed by Fujitsu for the K supercomputer. With a unique architecture for deep learning and comprehensive power-saving design, Fujitsu is developing a processor dedicated to deep learning processing that is about 10 times more power efficient than those of competitors.

*: See "Fujitsu Develops High Speed Technology to Process Deep Learning," press release dated August 9, 2016.
**: Graphics Processing Unit. A processor especially designed to process images; at present, they are often used for other purposes as well thanks to their very high processing speeds.
***: Head Office: California, USA; Founder and CEO: Jen-Hsun Huang

Based on Human Centric AI Zinrai, the Culmination of Fujitsu's AI Knowledge and Technologies

Fujitsu has been pursuing R&D into AI for more than 30 years with an overarching ambition of creating human-centric AI systems designed to collaborate with their human operators. The latest development from Fujitsu is Zinrai, a human-centric AI system that is the product of Fujitsu's extensive technical expertise and experience in AI, which will be incorporated into future Fujitsu services.

Alongside is cutting-edge research functionality, Zinrai includes "sensing & recognition" and "knowledge processing and decision-making," features as well as the necessary support functionality to achieve learning and growth. Fujitsu offers these Zinrai-based services through the FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc.

Positioning of AI within MetaArc

The term "Zinrai" of "Human Centric AI Zinrai" is derived from the Japanese phrase shippu-jinrai, which means "as fast and dynamic as lightning," thus embodying the hope that this AI will support speedy decision-making and action by human operators to transform companies and society dynamically.

Pushing Technological Transformations Still Further

Press conference: (from the left)
Hiroyuki Sakai,
Corporate Executive Officer and EVP
Shikou Kikuta,
Corporate Executive Officer
Takato Noda,
Corporate Executive Officer

On November 29, 2016, Fujitsu announced that it has developed Zinrai-related services that will be rolled out incrementally, thereby helping customers accelerate their use of AI. These services are based on the aforementioned foundation of AI technologies and knowledge. Fujitsu regards AI as a core technology that can accelerate digital innovation, and it is continuing to develop technologies in this field.

Also, by applying the cutting-edge technologies Fujitsu has accrued by developing supercomputers, the company aims to push technological transformations still further, helping customers transform their existing operations as well as create new businesses.