Event Report: Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich, Europe's Largest IT Vendor Event

Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich, the largest event for IT vendors in Europe, was held on November 16 and 17 at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM). Under the theme of "Human Centric Innovation - Driving Digital Transformation," ICT experts from Fujitsu and its partners showcased Fujitsu's latest technologies and solutions that are optimal for customers through presentations and exhibits. Here, we recount the details of the opening keynote speech and the bustling exhibition space.

What Is Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich?

Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich is Europe's largest single-vendor technology event, attracting more than 12,500 visitors from all over the world.
This year's event, held under the theme of "Driving Digital Transformation," consisted of keynotes, more than 600 expert talks, over 50 breakout sessions, and exhibits.

"Human Centric Innovation - Driving Digital Transformation" was the key theme at Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich. Visitors could experience how digital transformation drives innovation and contributes to further business growth through Fujitsu's latest technologies and solutions.

"Welcome to Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich!" The mediator robot RoboPin welcomed visitors at the exhibition hall entrance.

Opening Keynote: Driving Digital Transformation

Tatsuya Tanaka, President, Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu President Tatsuya Tanaka and Head of EMEIA & Americas Duncan Tait delivered opening keynotes to kick off Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich. President Tanaka began his presentation by listing AI (artificial intelligence), IoT, cloud, and security as priority fields with the following remarks: "Europe is a very important market for Fujitsu. 'Driving Digital Transformation' is the theme of this year's event. Fujitsu hopes to realize more affluent lives for people around the world with digital technologies."

Next, he introduced Fujitsu's digital transformation initiatives that use these technologies. For example, in Spain, based on anonymized patient information, Fujitsu assesses the suicide risk of psychiatric patients and risks of other diseases using AI and the cloud. In Indonesia, Fujitsu is promoting the use of highly secure vein authentication in shopping facilities.

President Tanaka concluded his presentation with these words: "Fujitsu will continue to promote research and development and pursue innovation to realize a more affluent society."

Duncan Tait, SEVP, Head of EMEIA & Americas Regions, Fujitsu

Next at the podium was Duncan Tait, who presented on 'Digital Disruption.'

Dr. Markus Voss of DHL Group, a global leader in the logistics industry, and Mr. Ignacio Cea of Bankia Bank were then invited to the stage to talk about their latest digitization efforts and collaboration with Fujitsu.

Dr Joseph Reger
Chief Technology Officer, EMEIA, Fujitsu Fellow

On the second day, Dr. Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu, gave a presentation on Fujitsu's Human Centric AI in which he detailed concrete AI use cases, such as early detection of lost children at shopping centers, error detection in plants, and cyber attack countermeasures. He emphasized that customers need to use AI to drive digital transformation.

Breakout sessions, Expert talk

In addition to keynotes, there were over 50 breakout sessions where internal and external experts discussed the following five themes:
1) Cyber Security
2) Enabling Digital
3) Hyperconnected-Business
4) Infrastructure for the Digital World
5) Workplace Anywhere

Presentation by Dr. Adel Rouz from Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe titled "Applying AI, Big Data and Data Analytics for Social Innovation"

The hall hosted expert talks with deep discussions of the above themes. Opinions were exchanged with customers about the latest technology trends and potential Fujitsu solutions to resolve customers' problems.

Expert talks and exhibits... Every corner of the event was filled with excited discussions.

Digital Transformation Exhibition Area for Visitors to Have Hands-on Experiences

Digital Transformation Area

Fujitsu showcased its Digital Business Platform MetaArc at the center of the large 3,500 m2 exhibition space. Fujitsu also introduced Personium, the open source Personal Data Store (PDS) software, and MetaArc Venture Community for co-creation of new business with venture companies. As a usage example, the spotlight was placed on collaboration with Soha Systems to develop secure remote access solutions using FUJITSU Cloud K5.

Soha Systems's secure remote access solutions using FUJITSU Cloud K5

Infrastructure for the Digital World Area

In this area, the liquid immersion cooling technology attracted special attention. Use of a special liquid to cool servers can reduce power consumption by about 40% compared to conventional cooling methods.

Liquid immersion cooling technology

Vertical Area

The Vertical area showcased Fujitsu's latest technologies for industries, including manufacturing, logistics, finance, government, healthcare, and transportation.

In this area, Personal Self-Service, a technology for the retail industry, attracted attention. Through this technology, Fujitsu is proposing a new shopping style using a portable self-scanning unit.

Self-scanning terminal

In the transportation field, Fujitsu exhibited a vessel collision/near-miss risk detection solution based on detailed vessel route prediction using big data on vessel navigation and Citywide Surveillance, a citywide monitoring solution that employs AI technology to extract the types, models, and numbers of vehicles by making use of images from surveillance cameras.

Vessel navigation in Tokyo Bay. High collision risk areas can be checked on the map.

Citywide Surveillance

Co-Creation Area

The Co-Creation studio offered visitors a hands-on experience of Fujitsu's co-creation processes with its customers and partners. Visitors developed many ideas about future workplaces using inspiration cards.

Near the entrance to the exhibition area, Fujitsu introduced its gymnastics scoring support system that uses a 3D laser sensor. This technology reduces scoring errors to improve scoring accuracy. Data from the sensor can also be used for coaching. With this technology, users can display data on athletes' skills in real time, which may change how sports are enjoyed when watched at home.

3D laser sensor

Fujitsu Forum Oktoberfest Lively Again This Year

The Fujitsu Forum Oktoberfest, one of the main events at Fujitsu Forum Munich, is held each year on the first evening of the event. The atmosphere is very similar to that of Munich's world-famous beer festival. Participants were treated to performances by a live band and enjoyed Bavarian dishes, such as sausage and chicken, with beer. As a Christmas Market was also held this year, participants enjoyed two famous Munich events in one night.

Fujitsu Forum 2016 Munich - the two-day event offered visitors hands-on experiences of the latest ICT trends through presentations, discussions with experts, and exhibits.

The next Fujitsu Forum scheduled to take place in May 2017 in Tokyo. We look forward to seeing you again there.