Digital to Maximize the Value of Customer Experiences - A Strategy to Change Marketing Styles

FUJITSU Digital Marketing Forum 2016 Event Report

These days, digitalization has been rapidly progressing via the spread of smart devices and social media. Accordingly, new marketing styles that integrate digital technologies with marketing strategies by combining technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize the value of customer experiences are needed. At FUJITSU Digital Marketing Forum 2016 held at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo in Roppongi, Tokyo on November 4, 2016, Fujitsu and sponsoring partners introduced their latest approaches and solutions to respond to such needs. The Fujitsu Journal team reports on the developments at the event.

Opening Session: Changing Marketing Styles with Digital

Hiroyuki Sakai
Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, Head of Global Marketing Fujitsu Limited

The forum opened with a greeting by Hiroyuki Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer and EVP at Fujitsu Limited. Under the title of "Identifying Trends in Digital Marketing," he noted that many companies are already in a digital vortex created by digitalization and have entered the implementation phase aimed at business expansion. In a survey of CEOs' significant investment items over the next five years, digital marketing and customer experience management ranked highly. According to Sakai, "This result indicates that companies' efforts toward digital marketing have certainly accelerated. Fujitsu wants to help its customers sophisticate their digital marketing."

Digital Marketing Changes J. League Marketing Strategies

Next to the podium was guest presenter Daisuke Nakanishi, Managing Director of the Japan Professional Football League (J. League). He presented on J. League's marketing and customer strategies that make use of digital technologies.

He introduced efforts such as broadcasting system reform and a smart stadium solution. Mr. Nakanishi concluded his presentation with the following comment: "J. League is now approaching a tipping point as a leader in the sports business. We need digital knowledge and expertise. We want to strengthen ties with many people to make our country much happier through sports."

Enabling Real-time Customer-centric Marketing with the Launch of CX360

Masashi Hirayama
General Manager, Digital Marketing Business Division, Fujitsu Limited

At the end of the opening session, Masashi Hirayama, General Manager of the Digital Marketing Business Division at Fujitsu Limited, introduced FUJITSU Digital Marketing Platform CX360, which offers systematized new products and solutions related to digital marketing. It was announced on November 4, the same day as the Digital Marketing Forum 2016.

This announcement revealed that Fujitsu has systematized the technologies, know-how, and approaches it has cultivated so far as "Solution CX360," "Team CX360," and "Community CX360" to realize customers' marketing innovation. Fujitsu provides the eXperience Data Platform (XDP) as a solution that enables real-time customer-centric marketing to realize more sophisticated marketing with AI and other technologies. Fujitsu also established a scheme that provides one-stop support, from upstream processes to data integration, by assembling digital marketing specialists. Fujitsu provides customers with the optimal value by combining its advanced marketing technologies and services with partners' ecosystems.

Conceptual diagram of CX360's aims

New CX360 products and solutions

He explained as follows: "CX360 provides Solution CX360, Team CX360, and Community CX360 as three values based on the technologies, know-how, and approaches that Fujitsu has cultivated so far." Hirayama concluded with a message to customers: "Together with our customers, we hope to create a new precedent."

AI, Dentsu, Internal Digital Marketing Practices, Fintech... Diverse Forum Sessions

To respond to customers' diversified purchasing behaviors, this Forum offered sessions informed by various approaches, including the latest technologies intended to further strengthen engagement between companies and customers, advanced efforts with partner companies, Fujitsu's internal digital marketing practices, and so forth.

Hironobu Mizuno
SVP,Head of Integrated Solution Marketing Unit-Fujitsu Limited

In a session entitled "Innovation at Job Sites Brought about by Digital Technologies," Hironobu Mizuno, SVP,Head of Integrated Solution Marketing Unit at Fujitsu Limited, introduced advanced technologies using seven kinds of AI, such as affective media technology, gaze tracking technology, and free-viewpoint video technology. Mizuno noted that "Applying these AI technologies will change marketing dramatically."

Gosuke Kato
Business Produce Department 2
Business Creation Center
Dentsu Inc.

In the session presented by Gosuke Kato, Director of the Dentsu Business Creation Center, he explained "It is important to consider 'Who -> What -> How' by fully understanding customers." While introducing case studies in the automobile industry, Mr. Kato detailed customer experience design to achieve experience marketing to provide experiences that reach into customers' hearts and minds as well as corporate marketing process reform that starts from understanding "individual" customers.

Noboru Komamura
Senior Manager
Promotion Planning Division, Fujitsu Limited

Noboru Komamura, Senior Manager of the Promotion Planning Division at Fujitsu Limited, also took the podium. Komamura, who serves as the leader in charge of promoting internal digital marketing practices, introduced the status of practices for BtoB using a private DMP and marketing automation. Also, Fintech, a hot topic in the financial industry, was introduced at the financial session while the latest industry trends in the distribution industry were introduced at a separate session. Each session was very well attended with some becoming standing room only, reflecting customers' strong interest in the seminars' content.

FUJITSU Digital Marketing Forum 2016
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Exhibition Corner: Maximizing the Value of Customer Experiences with Sophisticated Marketing

In the exhibition corner, Fujitsu introduced many solutions that integrate digital technologies with marketing strategies to sophisticate marketing, including expansion of customer contact points, deepening of customer understanding, and enhancement of the value of customer experiences. Fujitsu also introduced solutions on the eXperience Data Platform (XDP), which enables real-time customer-centric marketing and was announced on the same day as the Digital Marketing Forum 2016, November 4. The hall was filled with an air of excitement from customers who were highly interested in advanced technologies, including many who asked about specific details of mechanisms.

eXperience Data Platform (XDP) Enables Customer-centric Optimal Marketing

XDP announced at this Forum is a solution for consistently providing functions required for digital marketing, including data integration, data analysis, and application of measures, from the viewpoint of customers to enable thorough customer-centric marketing. This solution features linkage with various tools and can be started in a minimal configuration in accordance with needs, thereby facilitating deployment of a wide range of simple tools in accordance with measures. Fujitsu also introduced many services that will be provided as linkage tools.

ViA Personal: Creating Videos Automatically Based on Customer Interest (Reference Exhibit)

ViA Personal is a solution for creating and providing the optimal video for each customer based on customer data. Using customer information on XDP integrated per customer, the behavior characteristics, hobbies, and preferences are analyzed and extracted and the optimal video is generated using AI-based machine learning. In addition, by adding browsing results, each person's preferences can be grasped in more detail. The hall contained a demonstration of travel planning that prepares an hour-to-hour itinerary suited for each customer based on information input on the spot, such as the travel destination and purpose, instead of data from XDP. Sightseeing spots at each destination are introduced with videos full of realistic feelings, enabling customers to visually understand the travel plan and enhancing their desire to visit the place. By using this service, it becomes possible to inform each customer of the optimal product in an easy-to-understand manner, thus leading to submission of applications and purchasing behaviors.

Making an optimal travel plan travel movie for each customer on the spot

Goal Assist Automatically Identifies Interest from Web Actions Using AI to Provide Appropriate Measures (Reference Exhibit)

Accumulating and learning from action data on the website and displaying campaign information to customers who are likely to lose interest

Goal Assist is a service that greatly assists in the achievement of company goals (key goal indicators (KGIs)) based on the actions of customers who visit a website. It automatically implements the optimal measures in real time and, to achieve further optimization, continuously improves such measures using AI based on the results of measures already implemented. It also tracks page transitions and movements of customers on the website, such as touching, swiping, and scrolling, and the AI analyzes and identifies customer interest in real time. The hall contained a demonstration of how to encourage customers to continue to browse a website by, for example, displaying campaign information in a pop-up window to customers who are likely to lose interest based on their last-minute actions.

Tealium: Enabling a Real-time Approach by Integrating Customer Data

How we can use the various customer data inside and outside a company, such as digital marketing solutions and data warehouses (DWH), is a very important point for digital marketing. To address this challenge, Tealium integrates the scattered data on each customer to realize optimal real-time communication by capturing each customer's actions.

Image of a customer-centric approach

Automatically displaying advertisements and sending emails in a timely manner by monitoring changes to customer statuses

In a demonstration held in the hall, every time a customer clicked on the website, information was collected in real time, and purchase histories, personal characteristics, and so forth were integrated on a per-customer level. Changes in customer behavior and circumstances were monitored and managed centrally in the cloud while the website displayed timely recommendations.

Domo: A Business Management Platform that Accelerates Decision-Making by Marketing Organizations

Installation provides more than 100 templates. The interface is user-friendly and simple.

A marketer who creates a marketing strategy must use numerous operational systems to reach potential customers. Use of Domo makes it possible to consolidate data in various operational systems. For example, collection and analysis of marketing information that used to take several hours can be obtained in a single click, and per-channel ROI can be calculated automatically.

The more than 100 marketing visualization templates made available for business operations upon installation were demonstrated to customers.

Besides the above, Fujitsu also introduced partners' solutions in the exhibition hall, such as "SFDC," which clarifies the points of appeal to each persona to increase the sales hit rate; "FUJITSU Business Application Sitecore Experience," a marketing automation solution using machine learning; and "SAS Marketing Automation," a marketing innovation solution expressed in analytics. In addition, Fujitsu introduced the latest technologies for the future, such as interactive projection, which enables intuitive operation via a piece of paper using projection sensor technology, and settlement services that use blockchain technology.

Interactive projection
When an application form is placed under the projector, guidance is displayed with projection sensor technology to guide the user to write using the accompanying pen.

The completed application form is displayed on the monitor and printed out.


To respond to diversified customer needs, companies' marketing activities must become further sophisticated going forward. In the hall, customers showed high expectations and interest in Fujitsu's next-generation marketing strategies.