Nippon Yusen Kabushiki kaisha (NYK Line) Taking on the Challenge of Work Style Innovation for Over 30,000 Employees at 230 Business Sites

- A Vision of Work Styles Is the Key to Success -

More Companies Shifting Objectives from "Cost Reductions" to "Maintaining Diverse Human Resources" and "Promoting Communication"

At present, expectations towards work style innovation as a means of business growth are increasing. According to the Work Style Survey * conducted by Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, a corporate management consulting company, 81% of companies responded that they feel a need for work style innovation, indicating a high degree of attention.

Only 32% replied that their objective for work style innovation is "cost reductions," while 84% answered "maintaining and obtaining diverse human resources," 54% "creating innovations," and 54% "promoting communication." More companies are now working on work style innovation as a business growth strategy to achieve cost reductions, improve productivity and customer service capabilities, and create new business opportunities by reviewing and finding the work styles that best fit their workplaces.

*: Work Style Survey (released by Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC; survey period: July-September 2015; No. of companies responding: 200, mainly listed companies)

Sharing Global Know-how Is an Urgent Issue

The NYK Group is a group of global comprehensive logistics companies with more than 30,000 employees at 230 business sites that provide various forms of transportation services by means of ocean, land, and air. An urgent issue for NYK and its group companies was to globally share their respective know-how to meet customers' diverse needs across the globe. Pressed by the urgent need to review its global communication platform, the NYK Group started to deploy Office 365 in FY2015 as a means of realizing work style innovation.

Difficulties in Establishing Work Style Innovation Activities Identified by Office 365 Deployment

The NYK Group first started to deploy Office 365 in the summer of 2015 for Japanese personnel engaged in shore operations as well as overseas personnel. As work style innovation activities, the Group promoted email and schedule management, online meetings, knowledge sharing, social communication, and other services. To further establish use of Office 365, a practical, effective approach needed to be devised.

Prior to launching full-fledged work style innovation in FY2016, the NYK Group first established its "target work style vision" and then shared this vision throughout the group.

To start working out its future vision, NYK attended "Considering Current and Future Workstyles," a design approach-based workshop, held at the FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center (DTC), Fujitsu's co-creation workshop space.

What Is the Design Approach?

The design approach is an approach by which customers exchange ideas to depict and share an "ideal form" (future vision) and then compile their ideas into "measures" to achieve this ideal form while evaluating specific workstyles and use of solutions.
DTC helps customers resolve problems through the design approach.

Managers and Employees Sharing the Vision

In the workshop, which was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere at DTC, hidden opinions not usually brought to light were expressed one after another, and issues were visualized.

"I understood that, in order to establish a concept, it is important to have a vision shape and share it among members. Without doing so, we cannot go forward." (Mr. Yasushi Tsukamoto, NYK)

Afterwards, together with Fujitsu consultants, NYK carried out workshops for 30 employees, ranging from young personnel to managers, using the same design approach of having full-scale discussions to explore "work styles five years hence" and then compiled a framework.

"Based on the outcome of discussions thus far, the secretariat will create a vision and promote understanding of that vision by the management and other employees through meetings and seminars, and further disseminate this vision throughout the entire NYK group as the core of future work style innovation." (Ms. Kaori Nagasawa, NYK)

Going forward, the company will review and promote use of Office 365 from the point of view of how to use it to contribute to the "vision of work styles."
Based on Fujitsu's case studies of introducing ICT to 7,000 customers and 500 work style innovation ideas obtained through such experience, we help customers realize their ideal future ways of working.