Self-medication Is Dangerous! Medication and Health Support by a Family Pharmacist - A Case Study of Qol Co., Ltd.

'Family Pharmacists' to Provide General Health Consultation Services

When you get a prescription from a hospital, which pharmacy do you use? About 70% of respondents to a survey answered that they obtain medicine from "the pharmacy closest to the hospital." This means that medicines are not centrally managed because each patient submits prescriptions to different dispensing pharmacies inconsistently. In April 2016, following the revision of medical treatment fees, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare made a public recommendation to obtain medicine from "family pharmacists."

A family pharmacist is a pharmacist whom patients in the community can consult about health-related matters in the manner of a family doctor, including matters related to drug administration/management and health/diet management. Recently, elderly people often receive prescriptions for several kinds of medicines from multiple hospitals, so there are an increasing number of cases in which they take double the amount of the same medicine by mistake or take dangerous combinations of medicines. There are also cases in which patients quit going to the hospital because it is far away or decide to stop taking medicine and allow their illnesses to get worse. To eliminate such risks, it is recommended to have a family pharmacist who can completely manage each patient's medications to play the role of a family doctor.

Introducing a Platform for Medication History and Health Information Collection

Qol Co., Ltd. is a major pharmacy services provider that has strived to develop community-based pharmacies and pharmacists. Qol has worked to raise the health awareness of community residents through activities such as holding numerous health fairs in collaboration with medical institutions and other parties as well as introducing those who need a medical consultation to appropriate medical institutions. Based on the data accumulated to date, Qol has deployed a health information management platform at the "QOL Support QOL Pharmacy Keio Hachioji Store." This platform developed by Fujitsu Limited is used to collect users' medication histories and health information.

This platform has been deployed to centrally manage health information in the cloud obtained through health counseling, seminars, and measurements made by pharmacists and nutritionists. Specifically, the Measurement Station App automatically imports measurement data on six indices (such as body weight, body composition, and blood pressure) of community members into the management terminal. By continuously acquiring these data items, the pharmacist can monitor users' health information as well as the status of drug treatments from multiple perspectives.

In addition to a seminar room, Qol has set up counters for drug consultations, nutrition consultations, and health consultations to provide appropriate medication guidance as well as more detailed medication instructions and health support advice. In this way, Qol can be used as a family pharmacist to seek advice based on one's health conditions and to continuously acquire correct knowledge of health management.

System Image of the QOL Support QOL Pharmacy Keio Hachioji Store QOL

Developing a New Style of Pharmacies in Close Cooperation with the Local Community

Establishing a base for consultations and services for community members' health will extend their healthy life expectancy and improve QOL (quality of life). Data on users' daily exercise amounts, meals, and other information is aggregated by smartphone under a system that enables users to browse their information from any store. In October 2016, Qol created a prescription drug delivery system for patients receiving home care. Qol will further strive to develop a new style of pharmacy services in close cooperation with the local community.

Fujitsu has been providing its HumanBridge EHR Solution, a regional medical network solution, to aggregate and share regional health information. We will continue to support this new "Health Support Pharmacy" initiative to extend people's healthy life expectancies by the power of ICT.