Thanks for coming Fujitsu Booth in the World Biggest Fintech Event, Money20/20!

23-26 October 2016 Las Vegas, United States

We report Money20/20, the biggest Fintech event in the world in Las Vegas.
In the event, over 10,000 visitors were expected from 3,000 companies and 75 countries. In this year, thanks to the trend of “Fintech”, this event boomed with much more visitors than the expectation and lived up the town of Las Vegas.

What is 『Money20/20』?

Money 20/20 set the main theme as innovative payment solution collaborated with mobile commerce, retailing or another type of business. It is one of the biggest events in the world covering payments and financial services innovation. In the event, more than 300 companies exhibit and make presentations.
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Experience 3 cutting edge solutions in Fujitsu Booth

Fujitsu participate this event as an exhibitor for the first time, so to let visitors know what we do, we introduce our 3 cutting edge financial solutions for different needs of customer.

Finplex – Regional Currencies (Community-based payment service with the technology of Blockchain)

In this event, there were active discussions on “What can we do to create new financial services using technology such as AI and Blockchain” everywhere. In such a background, Fujitsu prepare the demonstration of “Regional Currencies”, which shows the way of utilizing the technology of Blockchain and API. There was an active exchange of opinions of how Japanese ICT companies that offers Blockchain technology can change financial industry in the future, and we were able to see that a lot of customers were interested in that topic.

From major banks to start-up, we received good reviews from wide range of customers.

Card less payment

“Card less payment solution” is Fujitsu’s original authentication technology that enables authenticating an ID only placing a hand over a palm vein sensor.
For the many case studies in global market and the unique technologies and devices, many visitors stopped at the booth and inquired about the detail of the technology.
We were able to receive good reviews through the demonstration because palm vein authentication solution uses high level security using information that is inside the body, and it also offers convenience by “placing the hand” which is a non-contact and natural movement of human behavior.

Cloud Lending Solutions

In July, 2016, Fujitsu and Cloud Lending Solutions agreed a strategic partnership to provide banks and other financial services organizations around the world the cloud-based, end-to-end lending and leasing platform - a Fintech solution - developed by Cloud Lending Solutions.
In the booth, we were able to find many customers be interested in what is provided by our collaboration with the company which already has the case studies in the US and in the world.

We found that Money20/20 was a very gorgeous and lively exhibition. Both in and out of the exhibition hall, we were able to see many exhibitors and visitors communicate actively.

Now, in 2016, Fujitsu has just started to challenge for the “co-creation” with financial institution customers by release of Systematize Financial Solutions “Finplex”. We will make this event a big chance to expand our business opportunities and accelerate our “co-creation” business in the global market.