Do You Really Know What Digital Marketing Is?

Digital Marketing

In recent years, the explosive diffusion of smart devices has drastically changed companies' marketing approaches. Digital marketing-related technologies that started in Europe and the United States have continued to evolve and have also begun to spread in Japan. Today, we increasingly hear about digital marketing in various media.

Originally, digital marketing referred to measures to promote products and brands through channels such as websites and digital advertisements on the Internet, email, and mobile apps. As a tool, digital marketing can further sophisticate marketing activities and enhance customer engagement by utilizing accumulated customers' response data. By making efforts for digital marketing, companies can visualize the depth of customers' interest and implement suitable promotion measures.

On the other hand, as digital marketing has started to gain recognition as a general term, many people have come to confuse it with traditional "web marketing." The following explains the difference between the two terms.

The Difference between Digital Marketing and Web Marketing

The major difference between digital marketing and web marketing lies in which data types and channels are involved. Web marketing is a method that focuses mainly on corporate websites, and its purposes are to increase website visitor satisfaction and to attract more visitors by making use of website access logs. On the other hand, the purpose of digital marketing is to improve the customer experience in each channel by utilizing website access logs, apps on smartphones and tablets, and data collected by Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Web marketing enables a company to observe the purchasing tendencies of users who are interested in the company's products and who visit its desktop website, mobile site, or EC site, while digital marketing enables a company to identify user tendencies prior to purchasing. In digital marketing, what data should be used and how it should be used to maximize the effect must be carefully examined. Over the years, Fujitsu has accumulated significant experience and know-how regarding integrating mission-critical systems for many customers. Based on this experience and know-how, Fujitsu proposes the optimal digital marketing solutions to customers in order to meet their data usage needs.

Fujitsu's Initiatives in Digital Marketing

Fujitsu's complete digital marketing solution, which covers everything from various types of data storage to utilization

To respond to increasingly diversified customers' purchasing behaviors, information must be thoroughly personalized in accordance with individual customers' preferences and purchasing tendencies. To this end, it is necessary to integrate and analyze data, select the data to be used, and seamlessly connect different channels. Fujitsu has advanced integration, analysis, and usage technologies for seamlessly connecting Systems of Record (SOR) with Systems of Engagement (SoE), thus allowing it to build and operate a complete digital marketing solution that covers everything from various types of data storage to utilization. Fujitsu will propose the optimal solutions to further strengthen engagement between companies and customers.

DMP Integration Service, the Key Solution for Digital Marketing

Among the many solutions related to digital marketing Fujitsu provides, the key solution is the DMP Integration Service, which seamlessly connects SoR with SoE. The DMP Integration Service integrates, analyzes, and utilizes the various data collected through different marketing channels by using Fujitsu's proprietary technology for implementing fine-tuned promotion measures. Also, by matching this data against anonymized online data and external data held by third parties, attribute data (e.g., on hobbies and preferences) can be added to customer information in order to create a more sophisticated service platform.

Fujitsu's Vision for the Future of Digital Marketing

For companies to increase the accuracy of their marketing activities to respond to increasingly diversified customer needs, introducing digital marketing is indispensable.
Fujitsu contends digital marketing improves the customer experience by utilizing data and enhancing engagement between companies and customers. Fujitsu makes comprehensive proposals that contribute to companies' sales by making full use of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, devices and sensing technologies, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI), not to mention ICT.

Knowing and Learning about the Latest Case Studies and Future Possibilities at Digital Marketing Forum

FUJITSU Digital Marketing Forum 2016

Are you interested in integrating marketing strategies and digital technologies to enhance customer engagement by utilizing data? Fujitsu will hold a digital marketing event to showcase advanced approaches and case studies by Fujitsu and its partner companies.

FUJITSU Digital Marketing Forum 2016
  • Time & Date    Starting at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 4, 2016
    Location    ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo (no advance registration required, free admission)
    Keynote speech
    Talking about the First Use of Digital Marketing in Japanese Professional Sports
    Digital Marketing Changes J. League Marketing Strategies
    Daisuke Nakanishi
    Managing Director, Japan Professional Football League, Public Interest Incorporated Association