Fujitsu participates in one of the biggest Fintech exhibitions (Money20/20)

23-26 October 2016 Las Vegas, America

Money 20/20 is one of the biggest events in the world covering payments and financial services innovation. In the event, more than 300 companies exhibit and make presentations. Over 10,000 visitors are expected from 3,000 companies and 75 countries.

Experience in our booth

Fujitsu will participate as an exhibitor for the first time, and introduce our 3 cutting edge financial solutions-the community-based payment service based on Blockchain technology (Finplex - Regional Currencies ), the cardless payment system using palm vein authentication and the lending and leasing digital platform co-developed with Cloud Lending Solutions. You will experience demonstration of these solutions in our booth.

Finplex - Regional Currencies (community-based payment service based on Blockchain technology)

In the near future, there may be an issue which many developed countries would be faced with shrinking local economy due to low birthrate and longevity. Fujitsu tries to contribute to economic revitalization of local communities leveraging innovative financial applications on the smartphone which will effectively empower local business, inhabitants and in-bound tourists in the view of local consumption.

As one of use cases for a community-based payment service, we exhibit the commuinity-based payment service based on blockchain and financial API. It contains 2 functions (patent pending) - the payment system for local production for local consumption and the sightseeing route recommendation system. All functions can be experienced in our booth.

Experience the World which Finplex will realize - "Blockchain for Regional Currencies"

Palm Secure (Card less payment using Vein authentication technology)

This is the first in the world to link palm vein information with payment card information to create an advanced payment scheme capable of authenticating an ID even when a user is literally empty-handed, enabling purchases without a payment card or a smart device.

Customer's palm vein data along with their payment card information is registered in the palm authentication servers in a Fujitsu's datacenter. When executing a purchase, the customer places their hand over a palm vein sensor. From the palm authentication servers, the corresponding payment card's information is then confirmed, and the transaction is processed.

Cloud Lending Solutions (Cloud-based, end-to-end lending and leasing platform)

Fujitsu and Cloud Lending Solutions agreed a strategic partnership to provide banks and other financial services organizations around the world the cloud-based, end-to-end lending and leasing platform - a fintech solution - developed by Cloud Lending Solutions.

This solution is a cutting-edge cloud service that digitizes entire process from a front-end to a back-end of lending and leasing operations. With module based architecture the solution is to be introduced to both large and small businesses.

Demonstration covers origination ~ underwriting and examination ~ contract process of the front operation with “CL Originate”. Visitors will learn flexible configuration which is suitable for agile development.

Please visit Fujitsu booth (Booth# 1031)!

Fujitsu Booth Image