Fujitsu Attends Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco

[Event Report: Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco]

One of the largest business and technology conferences for Oracle partners and customers, Oracle OpenWorld provides a venue for leading industry thought leaders to discuss how technology can be used to solve the complex challenges affecting today's businesses. Fujitsu--a Diamond and Cloud Premier level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)--attended the event as a Grande sponsor to highlight innovative Fujitsu M10 server solutions, the latest in data center technology, and its Digital Transformation vision for IoT, Cloud and big data.

Acceleration of Oracle Database on Fujitsu M10 SPARC Servers

One of the highlights of the Fujitsu booth was a pod focused on best practices for using Oracle Database on Fujitsu M10 servers with flash storage technology. Fujitsu M10 servers are an ideal platform for deploying IoT, eCommerce, in-memory computing, cloud and big data across a wide range of industries. Our solution experts presented usage case studies that take advantage of Fujitsu M10's unique features to deliver real-world savings through modernization, standardization and optimization. A next-generation prototype of the Fujitsu SPARC64™ XII Processor--which offers 2.5 times the core performance of the current SPARC64 X+--was also displayed, and this caught the attention of the many people that attended Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

Fujitsu's Next-Generation SPARC Server Cooling Technology

Fujitsu's high-density Vapor and Liquid Loop Cooling server packaging solution for next-generation Fujitsu SPARC servers drew the most attention. Vapor and Liquid Loop Cooling is an innovative cooling technology that makes use of the phase change between liquids and gases. The cooling performance of Vapor and Liquid Loop Cooling is approximately double that of Liquid Loop Cooling in current Fujitsu M10 servers. Beyond cooling efficiency, Vapor and Liquid Loop Cooling is also quiet and it allows for smaller servers with immense computational density.

Fujitsu's Liquid Immersion Cooling System for Next-Generation Data Centers

Immersing servers in dielectric fluid provides greater cooling efficiency and eliminates the need for server fans, thereby reducing the power requirements for cooling equipment by 40%. This leads to high-density server deployments, which reduces floor space requirements by up to 50%. This innovative Fujitsu technology facilitates flexible expansion for exponential data growth and provides the foundation for a hyper-connected world.
Not only does this technology use less power and space, but it also enables data centers to be deployed anywhere since the dielectric fluid protects IT equipment from harsh environments. Also, since the immersed IT equipment does not require air circulation, the noise made by cooling fans is eliminated.

Future Solutions from Fujitsu R&D: AI, IoT, and Motion-Sensor Technologies

Have you heard of Anomaly Detection? This cutting-edge AI technology uses IoT sensors to first learn the ordinary states and state transitions and then monitor for irregularities. Users benefit from being able to predict and prevent potential problems.

Fujitsu's R&D teams are also hard at work preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games. Those that attended Oracle OpenWorld 2016 got a sneak peek at our prototype 3D-laser analytics solution for judging in athletics. Our goal is to use the power of ICT to improve training, the viewing experience and scoring in sporting competitions.

Cloud and Digital Transformation

Fujitsu MetaArc subject matter experts were on hand to discuss Digital Transformation with those that attended Oracle OpenWorld 2016. Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc is our comprehensive portfolio for driving digital transformation. It is comprised of solutions, services and cutting-edge technologies. The services within MetaArc are specifically designed to simplify the adoption, deployment and integration of Fujitsu's and its partners' digital and cloud solutions alongside existing IT systems. On July 6, 2016, Fujitsu and Oracle announced the formation of a new strategic alliance to deliver enterprise-grade, world-class cloud services to customers in Japan and their subsidiaries around the world.

GlobeRanger, a Fujitsu company, delivers industry-leading IoT and RFID solutions for asset management, manufacturing/WIP, supply chain, warehouse management, and aviation operations, all of which are integrated with the user's existing Oracle Applications estate. Visitors saw how information on the manufacturing supply chain could be made precise, timely, reliable and actionable by utilizing GlobeRanger solutions.

Fujitsu also showcased its IoT solutions live at the show. Fujitsu Human-Centric IoT initiatives help organizations develop new and valuable lines of services using a wide range of digital information. Fujitsu's UBIQUITOUSWARE monitors and analyzes vital information, delivering high-accuracy real-time location services in combination with the real-time streaming analytics provided by Striim. RunMyProcess, a Fujitsu company, provides a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to rapidly build, integrate, deploy and run business processes. Together, UBIQUITOUSWARE and RunMyProcess use a wide range of digital information to enable human-centric initiatives.

Grid Dynamics, an innovative IT engineering services company and a Fujitsu M10 technology partner, showcased its blueprint for e-commerce platforms that are optimized for the public cloud. Leveraging Oracle Commerce Cloud, this blueprint allows retailers to easily spin-up test environments and roll out changes to production with just the click of a button by using dedicated, fully-managed cloud infrastructures.

GridGain, the provider of an enterprise-grade in-memory computing platform built on the open source Apache Ignite project, demonstrated its GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric solution on the Fujitsu M10 server. The combination of GridGain and the Fujitsu M10 server offers an in-memory computing solution that is orders of magnitude faster than anything that can be achieved with traditional disk-based technologies, thereby enabling real-time transactional and analytical processing on large-scale data sets.

Striim provides streaming analytics and real-time, end-to-end data flow integration with the Oracle Database running on the Fujitsu M10. The Striim platform takes advantage of the Fujitsu M10 server's large memory, compute power and I/O capacity. Striim highlighted usage case studies for finance, manufacturing and smart taxis at the booth to demonstrate the value of fresh data and the ability to use it intelligently.

Executive Solution Session Held by Goro Watanabe, EVP, Fujitsu Technology and Business of America, Inc.

Goro Watanabe, EVP, Fujitsu Technology of Business of America

Goro Watanabe spoke to a packed house about Fujitsu's "cool" solutions in artificial intelligence, cloud, and SPARC platform solutions. These solutions are integrated and optimized for Fujitsu platform technologies and services for both on-premises and cloud users so as to provide a secure, robust, high-speed, and cost-effective platform. Bill Nesheim, VP of Solaris Platform Engineering at Oracle, joined Goro on stage to talk about new features coming to Oracle Solaris.