Fujitsu Forum 2016 Osaka Report

Fujitsu Forum 2016 Osaka was held on August 30 and 31 at the Osaka International Convention Center in Osaka. The Fujitsu Journal team is reporting on the developments at the event.

About Fujitsu Forum

Fujitsu Forum is Fujitsu's largest private event. Through seminars, exhibits, and demonstrations, Fujitsu Forum showcases the company's latest initiatives that support customers' businesses and society as well as the cutting-edge technologies that support such initiatives.

Under the theme of "Human Centric Innovation - Driving Digital Transformation," Fujitsu Forum 2016 was first held in Tokyo in May, Nagoya in July, and then in Osaka.

The Exhibition Hall was divided into the three zones: "MetaArc Supporting Digital Transformation," "Cutting-edge Technologies," and "Digital Transformation in Business and Society." Each of the three zones hosted various exhibits and demonstrations that featured Fujitsu's AI-related knowledge and technologies.

Keynote - Driving Digital Transformation

To kick off the forum, Tatsuya Tanaka, Fujitsu President, and Hiroyuki Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer made keynote speeches.

Tatsuya Tanaka, President, Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu President Tanaka started his keynote by referring to the major international sports event held in August: "The event that will be held four years from now in Tokyo may be a great opportunity not only for Tokyo but also for Osaka to demonstrate its attractiveness to the world." Then, he summarized the history of the human and the digital, emphasizing the following: "2020 will be a year of dramatic change in the business world as digitalization advances. We believe that technology will make people happy. Going back to the basics, we will focus on technologies and innovations that make people happy."

Hiroyuki Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer

Next to the podium was Hiroyuki Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer. He first played a video to explain about the Fujitsu Forum Tokyo held in May and began his presentation on the theme of digital transformation as follows: "Digital transformation has finally entered the implementation phase and people's expectations are rising." While introducing case studies of new business models realized through digital transformation, he talked about issues in promoting digital transformation related to human resources and costs. He also introduced the series of MetaArc products that includes K5: "Fujitsu's MetaArc represents our desire to realize digital transformation beyond the boundaries of organizations, companies, and industries."

The Exhibition Areas Showcased Many Exhibits, Including Some Unique to Osaka

The exhibition areas contained nearly 80 exhibits in total, including a series of FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc products, hands-on demonstrations of Fujitsu products for supporting digital transformation, and exhibits by Fujitsu's business partners.

Manufacturing Area

Manufacturing Facility Maintenance Using AR

AR technology displays inspection points immediately, making it possible to perform maintenance on the spot

Currently, when a problem occurs at a site, on-site support personnel must go back to the office to check manuals and documents, which usually takes time. However, with this solution, when something happens on-site, personnel can check facility manuals and checklists by pointing their smart devices at the AR markers attached to the relevant equipment. Since support personnel do not need to return to the office, they can quickly, safely perform maintenance.

Work Style Innovation Area

Secure Print Anytime and Anywhere

One-time setup connects multiple manufacturers' printers

When printing from a virtual desktop using multiple printers, it is usually necessary to set up multiple printer drivers. With this service, users only need to set up a single printer driver for the virtual desktop; no troublesome configuration is required. This reduces the burden on the operating administrator and enables secure printing.

Livelihood Area

Hold Over and Find. AR Information Platform "KAAZAS"

Point at a Japanese language guide plate to instantly display it in Chinese

When pointing a smartphone or tablet at a Japanese language sign with text like "station exit," the sign is translated on the spot and displayed in other languages, such as Chinese, using AR. Users can change the display language using the side menu. KAAZAS is expected to be used in various ways when inviting foreign tourists to international events in 2020.

A New Interface that Allows Sound to be Felt from Your Hair "Ontenna"

The roadmap shows Ontenna's evolution

Ontenna is a new user interface that is worn in the hair like a hairpin; it enables users to experience sounds through their hair. It converts the volume, rhythms, and patterns of sounds into vibrations and light in order to transmit the features of such sounds. With Ontenna, deaf people can recognize chimes, phone calls, and other sounds that they cannot hear in their daily lives. By wearing Ontenna, they can notice when a vacuum cleaner becomes unplugged as well as experience the sounds of cicadas and other sounds of daily life.

Retail and Logistics Area

Shopping App for Foreign Tourists Supporting the Language and Culture/Customs of Each Country

Reading the barcode on an over-the-counter medicine package causes detailed information to be displayed in Chinese instantly

Foreigners often cannot understand the detailed information written on medicine packages at drug stores in Japan. When using this app with a smartphone to read the barcode on a medicine package, the app displays the medicine's efficacy and price as well as the best-selling medicine rankings in foreign languages to help potential customers understand the product. This app is scheduled to support Chinese, English, and other languages.

Medical/Healthcare Area

A Guide for Connecting Hospitals with Patients

When a patient's turn to receive medical treatment comes, this app displays a notification on the screen of the patient's own mobile device

This app aims to improve outpatient satisfaction at hospitals. Conventionally, when patients visit hospitals, they register at the reception counter or the revisit reception machine. This app automatically performs reception processing using electric waves transmitted from a beacon. Patients do not have to wait in the waiting room because this app sends a notification to the patient's mobile device when his or her turn to receive medical treatment is approaching. Also, integrating patient registration cards enables information linkage with other hospitals that use the same system.

Education Area

Digital Learning Platform "Fisdom"

This Fisdom demonstration screen shows a program for learning about Ishikawa Prefecture

Fisdom is a service that provides learners with university-level lectures anytime, anywhere, free of charge. Unlike conventional e-learning solutions, it provides a bulletin board where learners can have discussions with one another and a service to allow them to view other learners' reports, which helps deepen their understanding. This service provides benefits to the teaching side as well, such as raising awareness about the university that is broadcasting lectures over the Internet.

Accelerating Active Learning with Web Core Innovation Suite

This system can be accessed from users' smartphones and other familiar devices

Fujitsu also exhibited Mickr, a collaborative learning support tool, which organizes the processes of commenting, summarizing, and making presentations in group learning activities and workshops at companies. It provides process templates based on proven methods to enable users to find solutions to problems that have no answers.


Due to the harsh weather caused by Typhoon No. 10 that lasted until the day before the forum, there were concerns that Fujitsu Forum 2016 Osaka might be called off. However, the weather recovered in the morning of the scheduled day and we welcomed many visitors. Some demonstrations were held only in Osaka, not Tokyo or Nagoya. All the demonstrations were very successful, attracting many people.