Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions ExpoFujitsu Booth Report

The 27th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo was held from June 22 (Wed.) through June 24 (Fri.), 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight. This is the Fujitsu Journal team's report from the Expo.

What Is the Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo?

The Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) is a special exhibition that pulls together all kinds of IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, including CAD, CAE, ERP, and production management systems. Every year, many users from design, development, manufacturing, production technologies, and information system departments in the manufacturing industry visit the Expo and actively carry out business negotiations with exhibiting companies.

At the Fujitsu booth, under the theme of "Using Manufacturing ICT to Quickly and Surely Connect Processes from Design to Manufacturing," Fujitsu introduced solutions for connecting mechanisms with controls, real with virtual, technical information with operations, and Japan with the rest of the world.

World's Fastest 3D CAD Engine: Processing 1 Million Parts in Just 0.2 Seconds

iCAD SX, Fujitsu's 3D CAD solution, features the world's fastest processing engine, which is 200 times faster than conventional 3D CAD systems and gives it the power to process large-scale machinery with one million parts in just 0.2 seconds. In the world of CAD, merely displaying images takes time, iCAD SX runs smoothly even on standard-issue PCs, thus shortening development lead times.

Realizing Business Process Reform Using Existing Systems

PLEMIA makes use of existing systems to restructure administrative processes while minimizing the burden imposed on workplaces. It manages drawings, specifications, and configuration data for components during the design stage for clients in the manufacturing sector.

PLEMIA Concurrent Design Manager, which efficiently manages large volumes of complicated 3D model data as well as related drawings and documents, is now compatible with iCAD SX. This enables multiple people to easily carry out design as a team by managing CAD data (including reference data), promoting component standardization, and preventing update failures.

Efficiently Preparing for Production Using 3D Model Data

VPS is a software package that enables simulation to support efficient product reviews, process reviews when assembling products, and production line layout reviews, using 3D model data before launching mass production.
In the early stage of mass production, it is quite difficult to achieve the target production volume per day; sometimes, the target volume is achieved one month after starting mass production. VPS can be used as a tool for performing simulation to ensure 90% or 100% achievement of targets from the initial stage.

Timely Grasping and Visualization of Manufacturing Sites' Situations

GLOVIA smart MES improves efficiency and speed as well as reduces manufacturing costs. It supports consistent manufacturing management that covers planning, manufacturing instructions, and performance management. For example, the operational status of lines can be visualized by connecting Patlite lights to factory machines so that they shine blue during normal operation and red during an emergency stop. By checking the factory line status in real time, what is causing the current line status (e.g., "stop" or "wait") can be detected and such signs can be visualized.

A Bridge Between the Virtual and Real Worlds

DIPRO VridgeR is a tool for visualizing necessary manufacturing information in 3D, which contributes to reforming engineering processes, shortening manufacturing lead times, reducing costs, and improving quality. It facilitates stress-free, flexible clipping and design review of large volumes of data and high-quality free surface description; automobile and aircraft manufacturers use these features of DIPRO VridgeR. This tool helps engineers who are new or located in a different country to perform the same quality operations with the same lead times as veterans by allowing all data to be loaded and facilitating easy understanding of shapes' features.

Using AI to Reduce the Time and Effort Needed to Perform Image Recognition

Fujitsu exhibited its Image Recognition Automation Support Service, which uses Fujitsu's AI technology, Human Centric AI Zinrai, and is the industry's first software product that supports the generation of image recognition algorithms having the same quality as those developed by expert engineers. To generate an algorithm, users only need to teach the service the correct answers about the image targeted for recognition. Image recognition on production lines faces various challenges: the labor of revising the image recognition program due to changes in components and the environment as well as the difficulty of achieving highly accurate image recognition due to missing portions and uneven brightness levels, etc. This tool for automatically generating image recognition algorithms can resolve these challenges.

In addition to the aforementioned technologies, the Fujitsu booth showcased various other pieces of software and solutions related to manufacturing. Many customers from the manufacturing industry earnestly observed the demonstrations.