No More Email Attachments?! Secure Content Management by Fujitsu and Box

Daily Emails Fill Mailbox Storage

How does your company save content, such as internal document data? Such data may be saved to a common file server or individuals may personally save email attachments. Among the various methods available, sending emails with file attachments is a common way to share files. However, this method results in a separate copy of each attached file for each email recipient, which may fill up the company's mailbox storage.

At the Fujitsu Group, duplicated files represent almost 80% of all internal content. To store this huge amount of data, Fujitsu has expanded its file storage capacity at a considerable cost. Recently, file sizes are increasing due to including videos in materials, and as a result, mailbox capacity has become an issue.

Abolishing Email Attachments and Sharing Files on the Cloud

In January 2012, Fujitsu Limited and Box entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a strategic partnership by which Fujitsu deploys Box's content management platform "Box" to approximately 160,000 Fujitsu employees worldwide over its internal communication platform (global communication platform). "Box" is a content management service that centrally manages content, including internal document data, for 180,000 customer companies around the world.

Deploying "Box" to Fujitsu's Internal Communication Platform

Specifically, employees store files in "Box" without attaching them to emails they have written and send URLs that specify the locations of the files to email recipients. This facilitates simple, secure information sharing as well as consolidated content management, further accelerating collaboration in enterprise environments. Furthermore, by abolishing personal storage and concentrating data in "Box", information leakage can be prevented even if a PC is lost, and it is possible to control access to data by third parties even if an email is sent erroneously. Fujitsu plans to develop a system to store content in Fujitsu data centers to meet the needs of customers who require data storage inside Japan.

Leveraging its own experience and knowledge acquired from using "Box", and based on its track record of supporting numerous customers in transforming their working styles, starting in 2017 Fujitsu intends to launch new solutions that combine its global communication platform with "Box" as part of the FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc.

Collaborative Expansion into the Global Market, Including Asia

Following successful collaborative efforts in Japan, Fujitsu and Box intend to explore ways to target the wider global market. In Asia, a particularly promising growth region, the companies will consider expanding their collaboration with an eye toward joint investment in sales and marketing activities so as to better address local customers' requirements.