Fujitsu Opens the Digital Transformation Center to Consider How to Accelerate the Digital Transformation Together

On May 17, Fujitsu opened the FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center as a space for co-creation workshops in order to consider the digital transformation together with our customers. Let's take a look into what experiences await customers at this center.

Holding Workshops in Dedicated Studios to Help Customers Use Digital Tools to Solve Problems

Incorporating digital technologies into the core processes of business and society will enable people to realize an unprecedented, large-scale revolution. However, many customers find it difficult to evaluate these tools, hindered by questions such as, "We don't know where to start," or "We do not have a concrete image of what we want to do." The FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center is a space to help customers solve such problems.

The FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center offers various kinds of workshops for different fields, aiming to co-create new value together with customers. Workshops are offered in dedicated studios using approaches suited to each customer's circumstances and problems. In the workshops, Fujitsu harnesses the know-how it has cultivated thus far through co-creation with customers.

For example, workshops are held in Studio B to help customers develop future visions. These workshops make use of inspiration cards that have been created based on more than 500 ideas developed through talking with customers. The following example describes the "Shaping a Future with IoT Workshop."

From among the cards displayed on a digital wall, participants choose those that show "something I wish to have" or an "ideal future goal" for the era of IoT (Internet of Things). The chosen cards are instantly displayed on a large projector on the front wall to enable participants to share their ideas on the cards.

Fujitsu's original Inspiration Cards contain a bounty of Fujitsu's knowledge. Having participants choose cards with unique illustrations facilitates conversations among them.

Next, participants discuss the reasons why they chose the cards, their current levels of achievement, and so forth. By talking with each other and sharing their opinions, participants come to develop a common understanding of the issues. A dedicated facilitator mediates the workshop to enable participants to imagine a "vision of the world that they can create" by identifying customers' potential problems through dialogs and by transforming their ideas and approaches toward solutions into keywords.

Memos on sticky notes are instantly digitized and displayed on a tablet and the digital wall for sharing.

Visualizing Digital Data Using the Latest IoT Solutions

In order to allow participants to have a hands-on experience of IoT technologies that generate new value in business and society, Studio B, which is equipped with various sensors and the latest IoT solutions, provides demonstrations based on usage scenarios for each industry.
For example, when carts to which white location badges are attached move, a locator installed on the ceiling detects such movement and displays the carts' locations in real time on the display monitor, making each cart a different color. Such sensor badges can be attached to equipment and carts in plants to analyze flow lines in order to find the optimal layout. Alternately, the badges can be attached to workers to analyze differences in the movements of veteran and rookie workers in order to improve staffing efficiency.

Colored marks indicate cart movements based on sensor data

Also, customers can try on a watch-type vital-sign sensing band, which estimates a person's pulse. The pulse data is displayed as a digital graph together with the level of sounds detected by a microphone set up on the studio's ceiling, which digitally visualizes which cards made people excited during discussion.

Vital-sign sensing bands estimate pulses and activity levels to visualize when people become excited in the co-creation workshop.

These tools visualize hints of the digital transformation to be brought about by IoT, such as "What future do we aim at?" and "What should we prepare by when to realize our vision?" even in the short span of two hours.

Experiencing Work Style Innovation through Realistic Demonstrations

In Studio C, customers can experience Fujitsu's Global Communication Platform through a realistic demonstration that makes use of a large screen and a tablet distributed to each customer.

Fujitsu deployed the Global Communication Platform to achieve work style innovation, and it is used by approximately 160,000 employees worldwide on a daily basis. This platform promotes communication through instant messaging and an internal social network, enabling users to search for related personnel in charge as well as information through company-wide knowledge sharing. As the platform supports access from tablet PCs and smartphones while maintaining security, employees can utilize information any time, anywhere.
Based on its own usage experience, Fujitsu provides information to customers, such as the problems it faced when installing the platform, know-how for establishing use of the system within the company, and other information that can only be obtained from the experience of daily use.

Experiencing the Global Communication Platform on an actual PC

Unique Digital Tools Make Workshops Exciting

Upon customer request, Studio A provides workshops for large numbers of participants (30 or more) that focus on themes such as IoT, big data, and AI. The basic workshop consists of two parts: first, a session or conference on state-of-the-art technologies given by engineers and experts, and second, group work to discuss ideas and share opinions based on the information from the first part.

Workshops are conducted using Fujitsu Web Core Conference, a paperless conference system that can be accessed from smartphones and tablets, and Web Core Innovation Suite, Fujitsu's proprietary co-creation and educational support tool.

After users enter and post comments with their names to "Mickr," a comment posting tool for Web Core Innovation Suite, the comments are displayed in cloud- or sheep-shaped balloons that appear on-screen. These comments can easily be classified by category.

Co-creation Workshop Space to Help Customers Clarify Their Visions

The building, which features a wood-grain interior, provides various devices to inspire customers to generate design ideas, including an open space available for casual discussions.

Customers who participated in workshops commented as follows: "I got ideas about what kinds of operational reforms can be done using ICT." "I like the idea of choosing inspiration cards. Understanding other departments' situations helps us to visualize our real needs." "My vague idea about realizing a worker-friendly office began to take shape." "It was a fun learning experience and a very useful technique for organizing ideas."

The FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center helps customers clarify their visions in order to resolve problems using the latest in ICT. Please visit the center to experience our co-creation workshops.