Smartphone Manuscript Submission System for Creating Articles, Taking Pictures, Submitting and Checking Manuscripts with a Single Smartphone--Case Study of the Shizuoka Shimbun

News distributed on the Internet is increasing day by day

With the popularization of smart devices and the speeding up of communications, the amount of news distributed through the Internet is increasing. Most of the media including newspapers now have a news website, and many of them offer breaking news.

The Shizuoka Shimbun is a newspaper with the largest circulation in Shizuoka Prefecture. It has used laptop PCs to create articles, submit manuscripts, and send pictures. To provide news more quickly, the Shizuoka Shimbun has been examining a manuscript submission system using smartphones which allows it to create news articles, take pictures, and send them immediately from anywhere. However, the system has not yet been implemented due to some challenges, including the high cost and amount of time necessary for developing the system and data breaches in the event the smartphone gets lost.

Completing a series of reporter's activities with a single smartphone

Recently, the Shizuoka Shimbun and Fujitsu have jointly developed the “Smartphone Manuscript Submission System” using Fujitsu's mobile utilization platform MobileSUITE® *, and put it into operation. MobileSUITE® quickly provides various functions (ID linkage, data definition, authentication, etc.) required for developing mobile applications as services, which reduces development man-hours. In this project, MobileSUITE® has made it possible to build the Smartphone Manuscript Submission System in only four months.

The Smartphone Manuscript Submission System is a system that enables the quick submission of manuscripts and distribution of news with better portability than conventional laptop PCs reporters use and location-independent usability for creating data for articles. Usage status of each reporter's smartphones, application distribution, remote lock, and deletion status can be collectively controlled on one screen. As there is no need to install multiple control systems, system installation costs and manpower to operate and manage the system can be reduced. This service is operated within Fujitsu data centers, and various functions are provided from the digital business platform operated and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by experts to support the operations of Shizuoka Shimbun.

* FUJITSU Cloud Service MobileSUITE®: One of the products constituting the business platform "MetaArc" which is the culmination of the latest ICT and know-how we have cultivated with our customers.

Leading business style innovation in the media industry

This system allows reporters to complete a series of their activities, including creating data for news articles, taking pictures, submitting manuscripts, and scheduling coverage with a single smartphone. Even without a laptop PC, a reporter can quickly create an article for immediate coverage whenever needed. This makes it possible to speedily distribute a larger amount of news articles to the world, while reducing reporters' workload.

The Shizuoka Shimbun is aiming to enhance its system to further improve the convenience for reporters and drive innovation in coverage styles in the media industry through voice input of news articles and GPS transmission of information concerning news location. Fujitsu will respond to the need to further expand functionality, add new business applications, and respond to platform evolution in line with the evolution of smart devices.

Since MobileSUITE® is a cloud-based platform, it can flexibly respond to system expansion and modification in response to on-site requirements and market trends. Fujitsu will also continue to strongly support the innovation of business styles in the media industry going forward.