[Bulletin] Cutting-edge Technologies Shine at Fujitsu Forum 2016: Highlights

Fujitsu Forum 2016 will take place on May 19 and 20, 2016 at the Tokyo International Forum with the theme of Human Centric Innovation--Driving Digital Transformation. Fujitsu Forum 2016 will introduce initiatives involving a variety of digital transformations at job sites, as well as MetaArc, the digital business platform that supports them, in addition to such advanced technologies as AI, IoT, big data, robots, and mobile technology through lectures, seminars, exhibitions and product demonstrations.

Keynotes: “Driving Digital Transformation” and “Toward Achieving a Prosperous Society through Digital Transformation”

In the keynote addresses, Tatsuya Tanaka, Fujitsu President, and Hiroyuki Sakai, Corporate Executive Officer, explained ”Human Centric Innovation - Driving Digital Transformation,“ which is the theme of Fujitsu Forum 2016.

The keyword is “digital transformation,” which brings about change to businesses and society and creates a future society where people can live richer lives in peace and comfort. While referring to the fact that Fujitsu has found pleasure in resolving customer issues together with customers, President Tanaka strongly stated, “In digital transformation as well, we promise to think together with our customers, and even if we face high hurdles, we promise to work hard to overcome them together with our customers.”

Next, Mr. Sakai stood at the podium and emphasized, “No matter how much robots and AI have evolved, it is humans who create value by using robot and AI technologies.” He expressed his determination and concluded his keynote address, saying, “Fujitsu has a variety of people. By combining the strength of people with great individuality, we want to challenge ourselves together with our customers to realize digital transformation.”

Tatsuya Tanaka
Fujitsu Limited

Hiroyuki Sakai
Corporate Executive Officer
Fujitsu Limited

MetaArc Stage

The Exhibition Hall is divided into the “MetaArc Supporting Digital Transformation” zone, “Cutting-edge Technologies” zone, and “Digital Transformation in Business and Society” zone. At more than 70 exhibition areas, visitors can experience Fujitsu's cutting-edge solutions and technologies for themselves accompanied by explanations with specific application examples.

Upon entering the Exhibition Hall, visitors will first see the MetaArc Stage. At the stage, AI Zinrai introduces highlights of this Fujitsu Forum with the moderator.

Zinrai talking with the moderator on the MetaArc Stage

At the entrance of the Exhibition Hall, a mediator robot, Robopin, welcomes visitors. Robopin provides guidance with a cute voice and movements on recommended exhibits/demonstrations tailored to each visitor based on their profile information and activity history at the venue.

Robopin welcomes customers at various locations in the Exhibition Hall.

MetaArc Supporting Digital Transformation zone

The platform supporting digital transformation is important for realizing digital transformation. This zone features technologies and solutions related to FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc. In addition to the existing “FUJITSU Cloud Service K5,” this zone also introduces “FUJITSU Cloud Service U5” that launched on May 17, 2016, which provides an Oracle Solaris environment as an IaaS.

Fujitsu established “MetaArc Venture Community” for the purpose of creating new business through co-creation with venture companies. Products developed by venture companies using this program, including Unibo from Unirobot Corporation will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall.

Unibo, a next-generation social robot

Real-time congestion monitoring

A heat map that visualizes the movements of visitors in real time using SPATIOWL to grasp the amount of congestion will also be exhibited. This service makes it possible to extract the movements of overseas visitors and quickly assign staff who can communicate in foreign languages.

Cutting-edge Technologies zone

Next is the Cutting-edge Technologies zone. In this zone Time-Series Data Deep Learning related to Deep Learning, which is attracting attention as a breakthrough in the development of AI, is introduced. For example, technology for searching large-scale images has improved the conventional processing speed by nearly 50 times. Visitors can experience the demonstration of high-speed searches for themselves.

Demonstration screen for large-scale image search

The technology exhibited in a particularly large exhibition zone is liquid immersion cooling technology for data centers that submerges the entire server in a liquid to cool it. It has achieved as much as 1,000 times the cooling performance compared to conventional technologies, while reducing power consumption as much as 30%.

Liquid immersion cooling

Digital Transformation in Business and Society zone

Manufacturing Area

In this area, visitors can experience technologies that bring innovation to manufacturing sites. For example, a table that displays information is the most appropriate technology for a place where engineers get together and exchange ideas. This technology can be linked to PCs as well as cloud servers and smartphones, and information held by engineers can be displayed as it is on the table. While engaging in discussions, Internet searches can be carried out on the table, thus incorporating various features that vitalize discussions and ideas.

Displaying ideas on the table

The following will also be exhibited: a technology that analyzes humans movements and movement lines using robots and automated machines to find an ideal factory layout, a demonstration of incorporating AI into Intelligent Dashboard that optimizes the entire factory using IoT, a technology for simulating robustness at a high speed based on CAD data, an inexpensive, speedy metal melting 3D printer, and the world's fastest cooling down technology for supercomputers.

Manufacturing sites using robots and automated machines

Intelligent Dashboard

Retail and Logistics Area

In the Retail Area, Fujitsu introduces services for providing information using gaze tracking technology. In Mirror Signage, when a customer brings a piece of clothing in front of a mirror, product information, color and size variations for the product, inventory status, etc. are displayed on the mirror. This technology tracks the gaze of customers to ascertain their interests and then suggest recommended products.

Detailed product information is displayed when a customer brings the product in front of a mirror.

In the Logistics Area, Fujitsu introduces how robots can perform multiple logistics processes, including receiving goods, sorting products for stores, checking product quality before shipping, etc. Robots can read information from product bar codes and accurately sort them, which mitigates labor shortages in warehouses.

Security Area

In business, protecting confidential information and customer information of companies from cyberattacks is one of the top priorities. The burden to maintain security systems against cyberattacks has been increasing. Fujitsu's global management security service provides security operation services, such as detection, protection, analysis, response and consulting. In addition, Fujitsu is currently developing a technology to detect incidents that humans cannot by using AI's machine learning.

Digital Marketing Area

Purchasing products on the Internet, or e-commerce, has been growing steadily. Virtual Reality is expected to provide a better view of products on the screen. In this area, visitors can experience zSpace where they can view products stereoscopically by using dedicated glasses and a display and they can also view products from any angle they like from among 360 degrees by changing the angle and direction with a dedicated pen.

VR display zSpace

Other technologies that will be exhibited include DMP (Data Management Platform), which performs high-level marketing for individual customers based on the web browsing history as well as existing customer information, a marketing tool that finds potential customers from unexpected places, and a tool for call centers that lists up appropriate responses to inquiries using AI.

Financial Services Area

ATM using the gaze detection technology

In financial institutions, ATMs have provided many services to customers and serve as important contact points with customers. However, some customers get confused about how to use ATMs. Fujitsu developed a system for detecting the gaze of customers standing in front of ATMs. Bank employees will spot problems of customers from their eye movements and support them as soon as possible. Please see Fujitsu's technology to further strengthen contact with customers along with the evolution of ATMs.

Livelihood Area

In the Livelihood Area, visitors can experience technologies that make everyday living and business more convenient. Ontenna, an IoT device worn on the hair, transmits sounds from the surrounding area to the user with vibrations. With this device, deaf people can sense the situation of the surrounding area through vibrations. As a voice recognition solution, visitors can experience LiveTalk that instantly transforms human voice into text chat. It has an automatic translation feature that translates into English, French, and other languages to realize real-time communication between different languages.

Ontenna transmits sounds through vibrations

Monitoring family members from a remote location

There is also a monitoring service for senior citizens using sounds. Visitors can see a demonstration in which abnormal situations detected with sounds and movements are reported to an operator.

Sports Area

Sports enrich the lives of both athletes and those who watch them. Technologies that help us enjoy sports safely have also been advancing. One such technology is network-based lighting equipment that can remotely change light colors. In match-type sports such as soccer, the entrance and sheets can be lit using different team colors to distinguish between the teams. Not only adding a mood of excitement, these colors allow spectators from outside Japan who do not understand the language to distinguish the teams by color. In an emergency, the light can be used to guide the audience by changing the color to a warning color. In score-based sports like gymnastics, 3D sensors can be used to analyze body movements to support scoring, which up until now has relied on the eyes of the judges. Please come and experience for yourself ways of viewing sports in the future.

Colors can be operated remotely

Automotive/Transportation/City Area

Looking to the advent of the age of automated driving, Fujitsu is focusing on ensuring the safety and security of people and vehicles. Visitors can see demonstrations of Fujitsu's technology that links individual vehicles and AI in the cloud to quickly respond to a vehicle being hacked by unauthorized access or hijacking and share the information with other vehicles to prevent the spread of damage from the vehicle being hacked.

Supporting safe driving by displaying blind spots on the monitor

Visitors can also experience technologies for ensuring the safety and security of drivers, which include features that detect the driver's line of sight, giving a warning for inattentive driving, providing alerts to the driver for bicycles or pedestrians in blind spots, and delaying the timing of an incoming email notice when the driver is operating the steering wheel.

In addition to these technologies, visitors can see Fujitsu's initiatives and solutions for digital transformation in the Work Style Innovation, Medical/Healthcare, Food and Agriculture, and Social Infrastructure zones. How will new technologies, such as AI, IoT and robots, change our society? Visitors can experience various technologies for themselves at Fujitsu Forum 2016.