The Wandant2 provides remote monitoring capability for pet-lovers, bringing you closer to your dog

A pet is a friend for life

Pet owners often worry about the welfare of their special friends while away from home. Typical concerns are about whether the heating system is working well or whether the animal is being too rowdy. A recent survey found that around 16% of Japanese people are dog owners and 11% are cat owners. Pet ownership is most common in the 50-59 age group, followed by the 60-69 age group. The reason most commonly given for having a pet is for the simple joy that it brings*. It is obvious that pets have a calming or therapeutic benefit for many owners.

Meanwhile, with pet owners increasingly obliged to be away from home for extended periods, there is considerable demand for some sort of remote monitoring system that can be used to check on pets.

The Wandant2 is based on the highly successful Wandant dog pedometer, released in 2012, and uses advanced IoT technology to provide detailed feedback on the status of your pet, including a “happiness indicator” based on a combination of key physiological parameters.

* According to a study from the Japan Pet Food Association

The “how” and “why” of how your pet feels now

The Wandant2 includes a dedicated smartphone app with a MyRoom section where you can check what your pet is up to at any time. Wandant2 uses sensor data transmitted by the Wandant charm attached to the collar (see photo above) to show what your pet is doing right now, and also analyzes its behavior over the last 30 minutes to provide a broader picture of the condition of your pet. In this way, you get a better idea of the “how” and “why” of how your pet is feeling at the moment.

Built-in sensors monitor ambient temperature and humidity in the room as well as the temperature and humidity near at the collar. Alerts are generated if the temperature or humidity moves outside the user-defined comfort settings. In this way, the Wandant2 helps you maintain the optimum environment for your pet.

Left: MyRoom screen Right: Dog behavior is monitored


The Happymeter employs a unique algorithm developed by Fujitsu, where happiness is defined as a balanced daily routine, to determine the level of rapport between the pet and its owner on the basis of sensor data such as daily pedometer readings. Another option on the menu is Wandant Town, which offers a wealth of tips and hints for pet owners such as walking techniques, foods to avoid and seasonal warnings. Wandant Town also includes a search feature for locating nearby pet-friendly facilities and animal hospitals and a social media platform for chatting with other pet owners.

Helping you to enjoy your pet more

Fujitsu already provides a cloud-based service called the Animal Cloud as part of a general veterinary services package designed to boost medical standards in the industry. Animal Cloud is an open infrastructure designed to promote knowledge sharing and discussion among animal hospitals. In combination with the Wandant2, it can be used to encourage stronger bonds between pets and owners, friendships among pet owners, and contact with wider society. In this way, Fujitsu is helping to promote the joys of pet ownership to all.

Fujitsu is committed to providing new and exciting services to pet owners through the revolutionary Wandant2.

Front left: Wandant charm Front right: Wandant charm holder Rear: Wandant station