IoT Prevents Accidents through Early Detection while Boosting Traffic Efficiency! The Advent of New UBIQUITOUSWARE Products

Sensing technology used for workplace accident prevention and services to watch over family members

Compared to traditional office environments, construction sites and factories tend to experience more accidents involving heavy objects, as well as incidences of heatstroke during the hot Japanese summer. There is a need for better preventative measures in these types of workplaces. And as the population in Japan continues to age, the primary production sector is increasingly dominated by elderly farmers working alone, with the potential for accidents and emergencies to go unnoticed.

In everyday life, meanwhile, many families are uneasy about elderly relatives who live far away, or about their children traveling to or from home. A monitoring solution would provide them peace of mind by providing updates on the health and safety of elderly relatives, and by helping to protect young children from accidents and even crime.

Sensors are the key technology in monitoring solutions. In recent years we have seen a proliferation of sensors in a range of devices, particularly wearable devices. This is in fact the age of the Internet of Things, where data from a variety of different sensors is used to monitor our health and wellbeing and provide us with enhanced safety and security.

Transforming personal sensing data into valuable information

At Fujitsu, we are particularly focused on many different types of sensing data that are available on individuals and their immediate surroundings.

The UBIQUITOUSWARE series of IoT solutions from Fujitsu aggregates a wide range of data from personal sensors and other sensors that monitor the status and condition of nearby objects and the surrounding environment, instantaneously transforming the data into valuable information with immediate relevance to the user.

Fujitsu has also released a Sensor Algorithm software package, which uses a combination of 68 different Fujitsu algorithms together with Zinrai artificial intelligence to convert sensing data into usable information, as well as a Core Module unit that houses the sensor array. On the hardware side, the head-mounted display for industry, released in May 2015, has recently been joined by a range of new products including the following: location badges and tags, which provide accurate positioning information in conjunction with the Core Module; the Vital Signs sensing band, which measures a range of indicators such as heartbeat, ambient temperature and humidity; the Remote Monitoring Station, which monitors sound and movement at a remote location; and the Wandant Station/Charm, a health monitoring device specifically for dogs.

Data-driven solutions have the potential to provide real benefits in both personal and business applications, and they are ready to use right now.


Personal safety and business efficiency are just the beginning--a wealth of data-driven opportunities awaits

Super-accurate Fujitsu algorithms constitute a key feature of the UBIQUITOUSWARE series.

Fujitsu has developed an algorithm that uses data from acceleration and atmospheric pressure sensors to detect when a person or object has fallen over. This is just one of a multitude of algorithms for monitoring indicators such as health status, location, orientation and heat stress, which can be used to provide both personal products and productivity solutions for industry.

Location badges and tags provide accurate positioning information in real time in indoor settings. Fujitsu Peripherals uses location badges to track flow lines of workers and goods through its warehouses. Previously this was a much more time-consuming process that required a network of cameras and time tracking. Now, every worker is fitted with a location badge that accurately tracks their movements as well as the flow of goods. The aggregated tracking data is then forwarded to the VPS GP4*2 production line simulator and used to create flow maps that can identify bottlenecks within the warehouse. This helps to minimize worker downtime and improves overall efficiency.

Location badges

Tracking data used by VPS GP4 to visualize the movement of workers and production assets in real time

Used by hospital nurses to improve response times

Accurate real-time tracking of nursing staff within the hospital

The Vital Signs sensing band is a wristwatch style device that generates location and health data for the purpose of remote monitoring and other applications.

In the primary industry sector, where many elderly farmers often work on their own, the Vital Signs sensing band can help to prevent heatstroke in summer, as well as accidents involving machinery, which are increasingly common in recent years. The acceleration and atmospheric pressure data from the band is used to detect if the wearer has fallen over or slipped and fell from a height, while the health data can detect the early signs of heat stress, which can lead to heatstroke*1. The Fujitsu algorithm is accurate enough to distinguish between crouching or squatting (an intentional action) and falling over (an unintentional action).

In combination with location information, this data can be used to direct others to the site of an accident or incident to provide immediate assistance. In this way, the Vital Signs sensing band helps to create safer workplaces.

Vital-sign sensing band

Remote real-time monitoring of farm workers

Combination of vibratory and LED alerts

Helping to tackle the heatstroke problem at schools

The UBIQUITOUSWARE series also includes the Remote Monitoring Station, which monitors elderly people living alone by analyzing speech patterns and other sounds such as coughing, and the Wandant, which monitors the health status of pet dogs, primarily by tracking movement and distance.

Remote Monitoring Station

The Remote Monitoring Station offers greater privacy since it is based on sound rather than video feeds.

Wandant Charm

The built-in camera in the Wandant Station allows you to keep an eye on your pet while you are out


Fujitsu has compiled UBIQUITOUSWARE pilot packs comprising devices and applications that can be used for testing in preparation for the advent of the Internet of Things. You can also rent out devices, analysis apps and equipment that you can use to demonstrate just how useful data and outcomes from UBIQUITOUSWARE can be for your business. Friendly Fujitsu staff is always ready to help with data processing and answer your queries and questions.

Fujitsu is committed to working together with clients to develop IoT solutions that are useful and provide happiness by utilizing sensing and other data and information associated with individuals, objects and devices as part of the Internet of Things.

*1 The heat stress prediction algorithm has been developed and extensively tested in conjunction with external bodies including the Ohara Memorial Institute for Science of Labour.
*2 The VPS GP4 (Global Protocol for Manufacturing) manufacturing industry solution 3-D process management tool uses pre-defined procedural specifications and factory layout schematics to create a virtual production line that is used for analysis and evaluation to boost productivity and production output.