Fujitsu Acquires "ACT," a UK Company to Provide Enhanced Public Transport Services Overseas

Only 39% Satisfied with Digital Services on Public Transport

The current “Digital First Era” is defined by a bewildering array of digital services and devices from cloud computing to smart watches that we make use of almost every day. Yet public transport, which is used by most people on a regular basis, delivers surprisingly low standards of digital service and customer satisfaction is at a meager 39%.*

Fujitsu UK & Ireland has recently acquired the UK company Applied Card Technologies (ACT), supplier of electronic ticketing software and services to public transport operators.

Fujitsu UK & Ireland will use technology developed by ACT to create cloud-based ticketing systems and solutions for public transport as part of a wider push to establish a stronger presence in the transport sector through the delivery of fast, reliable and stress-free services to the traveling public.

* According to survey conducted by Digital Inside Out

Fujitsu Develops Advanced Public Transport Ticketing Solutions

The contract follows the announcement on June 17 of an agreement between Fujitsu UK & Ireland and UK-based transport operator Arriva to develop a revolutionary new ticketing system that will allow public transport station staff to issue tickets via smartphone, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. ACT has enjoyed considerable successes with innovative and popular ticketing systems and services, and the acquisition of ACT will allow Fujitsu to pursue the development of ticketing systems as well as solutions such as smart accounts, city cards for tourists, and customer loyalty programs.

This acquisition positions Fujitsu UK & Ireland to provide a variety of services including transaction processing, CRM and data analysis as well as ticketing solutions. Smart city transport programs require the integration of digital technology with real-time analysis, in order to provide travelers with a range of ticketing options (such as smartphones and smart cards) and provide both travelers and transport operators with access to system information in real time.

This significant addition to the resources of Fujitsu UK & Ireland will also permit ACT to focus on enhancing services to customers. It provides a major boost to the development of next-generation products and services in this sector, which will contribute to client growth. In the longer term, closer integration with the services of Fujitsu UK & Ireland will help both companies to tailor their operations more closely to customer demand and business strategies.