Fujitsu Exhibit at the Production and Equipment Tokyo 2015 Trade Fair

The Production and Equipment Tokyo 2015 trade fair was held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center over a three-day period, from July 22 to 24, 2015. This report describes the Fujitsu exhibit that was featured there.

About Production and Equipment Tokyo 2015

Production and Equipment Tokyo 2015 is a trade fair pitched at senior executives, factory managers, equipment managers and other representatives that are actively considering investing in plant and equipment and ICT systems. It brings all of the latest products and services together under one roof and provides an opportunity for direct business negotiations as well as technical queries and discussions.

The Fujitsu exhibit, located in the Production Systems Visualization Technology section, featured production systems designed to boost corporate value as well as seamlessly integrated ICT solutions that cover the entire range of processes, from ordering and design through to production and shipping.

FUJITSU Enterprise Application GLOVIA G2: A Production-management ERP That Covers Everything from Individual Factory Production through to Global Distribution Networks

The latest version of GLOVIA G2, a production-management ERP solution, was released on July 16, 2015. This version supports constant multi-device tracking of production, sales and inventory figures at individual facilities via computers, tablets and smartphones. Whereas other mobile products on the market cover only certain aspects of the production environment, GLOVIA G2 is a revolutionary comprehensive solution that puts Fujitsu ahead of the competition.

The assembly manufacturing industry deals with a wide variety of products and components, normally requiring a different package for each production format. GLOVIA G2 is flexible enough to accommodate a range of production formats, from high-volume production runs to single-lot made-to-order setups.

Screenshot from GLOVIA G2

FUJITSU Enterprise Application GLOVIA OM: A Cloud-based Business Application That Complements Sales, Purchasing and Maintenance Operations in Salesforce

GLOVIA OM is another ERP solution that provides cloud-based support through the Salesforce platform for mission-critical processes ranging from initial sales through to after-sales service. A key benefit is that the client does not need to supply an ICT environment for its operation, allowing for quick and easy setup at a relatively low cost. GLOVIA OM has already been adopted by around 9,300 clients at 150 companies around the world.

GLOVIA OM can be easily customized using the Salesforce platform by, for instance, adding new categories to respond to changes in the client's requirements or modifying the screen layout. In addition, it is readily scalable, including in terms of external inventory confirmation and delivery responses.

Screenshot from GLOVIA OM (Salesforce)

FUJITSU Enterprise Application GLOVIA smart PRONES: Japan's Top-selling Production Management Solution

GLOVIA smart PRONES is a comprehensive solution designed to boost the efficiency and optimization of production management in the manufacturing sector. It is now available on mobile devices, bringing a new dimension of convenience to the workplace.

Specifically, hand-held terminals can be used to enter production data simply by scanning the relevant barcodes. This approach simplifies the data input process and allows data sharing in real time. Tablets can be used to monitor product inventory levels, and this information can be shown directly to a client when, for example, discussing back orders.

Hand-held terminal

Product information displayed on a tablet

The dashboard option allows information about production facilities and offices to be displayed in graph, image map or Gantt chart formats, presenting detailed data analysis in a way that is easy to understand even without specialist ICT skills.

FUJITSU Enterprise Application GLOVIA smart PRONES for Job Production

The GLOVIA smart PRONES series includes a version designed for job production that can also accommodate a variety of other production formats. Japanese industry is increasingly being shifted offshore for mass production, leaving domestic production to focus on small-lot production where greater expertise is required. Many of the packages available on the market are not designed for job production runs that are regularly subjected to strict time constraints, since the delivery deadline is fixed beforehand but the product specifications are not finalized until after the order has been confirmed. GLOVIA smart PRONES for job production allows for production to commence after the specifications have been finalized, and it is able to track the specifications as new details or modifications are added.

Screenshot from GLOVIA smart PRONES for job production

The cost management option generates profit-loss simulations that show the major cost centers in real time. For example, if subcontracted components account for a large proportion of the total product cost, then it might be possible to generate savings by changing suppliers, or by increasing the lot size and negotiating a bulk price for the components.

The unit cost is updated regularly to reflect actual production figures and the results are fed into a simulation, creating a feedback loop for optimizing production operations. The PDCA cycle is then used to generate cost savings through improvements to the production environment.

FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution PLEMIA (Global Edition) Provides Comprehensive Technical Data Management for Manufacturing Processes

PLEMIA Global Edition uses existing systems to minimize the workplace burden by restructuring administrative processes. Clients in the manufacturing sector have to manage drawings, specifications and configuration data for components at the design stage that are used for manufacturing. It is often possible to re-use old data for a similar component, but generally such data is not able to be located via a text search. Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a system capable of identifying designs that look similar to the human eye.

PLEMIA Global Edition also tracks design changes, manufacturing requests and client complaints. This historical information constitutes a highly valuable knowledge base when re-using previous components.

This makes it faster and easier for designers to locate similar designs, which translates directly into cost savings. One client, who used to invest several hundred million yen per metal mold, reported savings of around four hundred million yen a year using PLEMIA Global Edition.

Screenshot from PLEMIA Global Edition performing a similar shape design search

Other Fujitsu solutions on display included GP4 and GLOVIA smart Construction. GP4 speeds up the pre-production phase by creating virtual production lines to simulate the movement of operators and production articles during production, while GLOVIA smart Construction analyzes construction operating budgets, ordering processes and unit costs and identifies unprofitable areas to target for improvement.

Presentations on Fujitsu solutions at the exhibit attracted a great deal of interest from manufacturers.