Report from Fujitsu Forum 2015 Osaka

Fujitsu Forum 2015 Osaka was held on July 28 and 29, 2015 at the Osaka International Convention Center at Nakanoshima. We describethe some of the most popular exhibits and demonstrations at the event.

Fujitsu Forum 2015 presents seminars and demonstrations to showcase products and services designed to improve our lives and create value for the benefit of industry and society, as well as associated IoT, big data and mobile technologies in line with the event theme of Human Centric Innovation in Action.
Fujitsu Forum 2015 in Osaka follows on from the Tokyo event in May.

The exhibit zone was divided into a number of sections: Big Data, Business and Social Innovation, Cutting-Edge Technology, Security, Work Style Innovation, Cloud Computing, Small Business Solutions and Fujitsu Business Partners.

Big Data

Demonstration of personalized video content and scene searching

The main demonstrations were powered assistance carts and enhanced viewing offering personalized video content. "Enhanced viewing" is a revolutionary service that gives the viewer much greater control over displayed content. While watching a baseball game at home, for instance, you can search for a particular player or batting scores, and the appropriate video content is displayed instantly.

Business and Social Innovation

Uniform size camera app

A simple solution to troublesome measurements for uniforms that makes use of a smartphone's camera.

This application eliminates tedious measurements for uniforms. It takes somone's measurements with a smartphone's camera, and then recommends the optimum uniform size. It is ideal for schools, as well as companies that use uniforms.

SaaS mating season indicator

Farmers normally determine when a cow is ready to mate based on key indicators such as restlessness. This device provides a more reliable indication of the mating season by monitoring the number of steps taken by the cow. The result is improved breeding efficiency, while the cloud-based implementation also reduces server maintenance costs.

SaaS mating season indicator--graph display accurately monitors mating behavior.

iPot personal monitoring device

The iPot is a push-button electric kettle with a built-in personal monitoring device that provides an easy way for family members to monitor elderly relatives who do not live close by. Every home has an electric kettle for making tea and other beverages, and most people use the kettle several times per day. The iPot sends out a discreet notification every time it is used to dispense hot water. This simple yet effective monitoring solution is easier than a daily phone call and provides peace of mind for distant relatives.

iPot (left) and monitoring display (right). The iPot monitoring app can also be accessed remotely.

FUJITSU Software LiveTalk

Demonstration of LiveTalk speech-to-text software

LiveTalk is a voice recognition and text conversion tool capable of analyzing multiple speakers simultaneously and sending text data to a computer in real time. This revolutionary ICT communication technology is primarily designed for hearing-impaired persons who want to participate more actively in meetings and training sessions. However it can also be used to produce minutes and other records of speech at events.

Work Style Innovation

AR solutions for change

AR solutions help to change working practices by producing graphical comparisons of production data against production targets. This simple yet effective visual tool can be used to boost worker efficiency and speed up decision-making processes. It helps to reduce human error, promotes the retention of technical knowledge and expertise, and allows real-time decision-making while monitoring production in the factory environment.

Other exhibits included Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud, Laser Eyewear, Co-creation Work Style of the Future and FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS (all of which were very popular at Fujitsu Forum Tokyo), as well as Small Business Solutions and Fujitsu Business Partners. Overall it was a highly successful event.


Fujitsu Forum 2015 Osaka opened just a few short days after the Tokyo event. For this reason, many of the exhibits were the same. Nevertheless there were a number of exhibits unique to Osaka, making it a highly enjoyable event. The exhibition space was just the right size, neither too big nor too small, which provided the perfect space to view all of the Fujitsu solutions and products on show.
Fujitsu Forum 2015 will next be seen at Nagoya on August 19 and 20. If you are in Nagoya at that time, be sure to come over and have a look.