Toho Bank Chooses the FSPS Outsourcing Service for Its Accounting Systems

Contributing to the Reconstruction Effort in Fukushima

In FY2015, Toho Bank launched a new three-year mid-term plan known as the Toho Summit Plan outlining three key objectives: transitioning from the reconstruction phase to the growth phase in Fukushima; positioning Toho Bank as the bank of first choice for customers; and setting in place solid foundations for sustainable growth.

In line with the corporate statement “Always working for the local community,” an expression of the bank’s commitment to rebuilding and reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Toho Bank Group as a whole has redoubled its efforts in rebuilding Fukushima and its local communities and driving the transition to a growth phase as per the objectives of the new mid-term plan.

As part of the transition process, Toho Bank was looking for a next-generation accounting system to optimize ICT expenses and provide enhanced operational continuity.

Improved Operational Continuity with Separate Systems at Data Centers in East and West Japan

Toho Bank has recently decided to adopt FSPS, the Fujitsu financial services outsourcing solution for accounting systems, as a successor to PROBANK, also from Fujitsu. The new FSPS service is due to be fully operational by the first half of 2017.

FSPS delivers two key benefits for regional financial institutions: minimizing the implementation and ongoing operation costs of accounting systems, and providing greater strategic freedom to respond to environmental changes. FSPS uses virtualization technology to partition FUJITSU Server GS21 mainframes at Fujitsu data centers, which are equipped with reliable equipment and the latest security systems, allowing Fujitsu to provide accounting systems to multiple regional financial institutions (including Toho Bank) simultaneously. Toho Bank will continue to use the PROBANK application, with Fujitsu providing a complete outsourcing package that encompasses development, maintenance and operation services.

Toho Bank will be able to inherent the tailored products and services created for its loyal customers on the previous accounting system. With a significantly more advanced accounting system platform, Toho Bank will also be able to minimize ICT implementation expenses. And since the FSPS service provides separate accounting systems at the East Japan and West Japan data centers, Toho Bank will enjoy uninterrupted operational continuity in the event of a natural disaster or other disruption affecting either system.