Honda Access--Creating a Multi-functional Website to Generate Interest in Cars

Rapid and Tailored Response to Customer Demand

Honda Access has recently launched a mall-style online shopping website called Circle h in a bid to foster closer links with its client base.

Honda Access was created in 1976 as a nationwide retailer of dedicated Honda accessories designed to provide an improved customer experience by enhancing the enjoyment, convenience and comfort of Honda vehicles. Circle h was launched in January 2015 to provide a more focused point of contact with customers.

Encouraging Stronger Interest and Engagement with Cars

The website was built using an e-commerce solution called FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-EX, the flagship product in Fujitsu’s digital marketing solutions range. It offers a variety of products arranged in five categories that are designed to complement and enhance the driving experience through association with hobbies and leisure activities such as fishing and camping. In this way, vehicles are positioned as central points of interest and engagement in the customer’s world.

The shopping mall feature makes products in each category available through stores. The user’s “Atelier” page accepts comments directly from a variety of visitors and fosters conversations and discussions. Purchases are protected in a robust and secure environment provided by Fujitsu data centers, which are equipped with reliable equipment and the latest security technology for data protection.

Honda Access remains committed to Circle h as a means of engaging customers with stimulating content designed to enhance enjoyment while at the same time promoting products that help to complement the driving experience, with the ultimate aim of driving consumers to purchase those products.

In this way, Fujitsu has been able to assist Honda Access with digital marketing strategies, drawing on our extensive marketing expertise and experience with convergence services and online shopping websites. And we provide similar tailored solutions and services to a variety of clients in other industries.