Complying with the New My Number System

Fujitsu Forum 2015 Tokyo was held at Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho on May 14 and 15, 2015. At the seminar on the 14th, Fujitsu Research Institute presented an overview of the My Number system, which is due to come into effect in January 2016, and explored the systems and procedures used by private-sector businesses and organizations to obtain numbers under the new system.

Hitoshi Nakamura, Senior Management Consultant, Fujitsu Research Institute

The Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure (commonly known as the "My Number Act") was passed on May 24, 2013. Under the My Number system, every individual in Japan will be assigned a personal number, while incorporated entities will be assigned corporate numbers.

The My Number Act imposes strict boundaries and requires robust security measures for privacy protection. Use of the My Number is restricted to social welfare, taxation and disaster prevention systems, as set out in the My Number Act. It is prohibited to provide, receive or possess a My Number for any purpose other than as prescribed in the Act.

Businesses and organizations may be required to collect personal My Numbers for specific procedures as prescribed in the Act, such as generating withholding tax certificates and payment records as well as health insurance, employee pension and employee insurance statements and applications. Corporate My Numbers may be required when issuing mandatory records and statements and for certain internal procedures.

Notifications will start to go out in October 2015 regarding the collection, storage and processing of My Numbers, and "safe handling" procedures will need to be in place by this point. The safe handling procedures are outlined in guidelines from the Specific Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC).

It is important to set up a proper My Number safe handling environment now, prior to the collection process getting underway. The necessary systems and structures need to be in place by October 2015, when the notifications go out. This includes internal rules and regulations on the My Number system as well as staff training. It is advisable for companies and organizations to get started on this at the earliest possible opportunity.

For companies and organizations, the My Number system requires action in four key areas: office procedures, IT systems, company rules/regulations, and staff training. This must be coordinated with corresponding changes undertaken by suppliers and other partners.

Shigeyuki Ue, Senior Managing Consultant, Fujitsu Research Institute

On January 21, 2015, Fujitsu brought out a solution designed specifically for the My Number system, providing a comprehensive suite of applications and BPO and training services. Fujitsu also offers the ability to provide tailored support to suit specific client requirements, such as backward compatibility with previous systems.

For clients with a number of group companies using different systems, Fujitsu can provide a standardized approach with the My Number administration system as an add-on, allowing each group to consolidate its My Number administration in its own way. For clients with a large workforce and many different facilities, Fujitsu offers a BPO service for the rapid collection and verification of My Number data.

Fujitsu's My Number solutions and associated consulting services are divided into three approaches.

Joint approach
Fujitsu attends the client's premises and works with the client in preparing surveys and flowcharts, and also provides training materials and templates and offers assistance with review processes.

Support approach
Fujitsu is involved in project planning together with the client, and also provides training materials and templates, and offers assistance with review processes.

Advisory approach
Fujitsu provides a tailored consulting service including advice and assistance via email and also face-to-face meetings as required.

Fujitsu boasts a dedicated My Number Department staffed by experienced consultants who work with local government and businesses to determine their needs and develop information-gathering systems. The Department spans the entire Fujitsu Group and ensures that clients receive the highest level of support with regards to the My Number system.