Global HCM Services: Unifying HR & Payroll Management Globally

Meeting the Rising Demand for Strategic, Global Utilization of Personnel

In the current climate of economic globalization, there is a growing demand for effective talent management. Companies need to compile information about the training progress and capabilities of their personnel at sites across the world, evaluate and manage them using unified standards, and utilize them strategically and globally.

Previously, there had been no outsourcing services for HR, payroll and talent management that allowed companies to manage their domestic and overseas sites together, using one business application. As a result, many Japanese companies have struggled to find effective and efficient ways to utilize their personnel globally.

In answer to this problem, Fujitsu is now offering Global HCM Services, as part of our FUJITSU BPO Services. This is an outsourcing service that allows companies to track the state of HR, payrolls and talent management at their business sites around the world, through a single interface.

Global HR, Payroll & Talent Management Outsourcing Service to Support Japanese Companies Globally

This service is an outsourcing service that handles our customers’ HR, payroll and talent management. It employs two systems: “euHReka”, an HR and payroll management system that is easily compatible with different national currencies and legal systems, developed by NGA Human Resources,*1 a UK company with a wealth of experience in the global market; and “SuccessFactors,” a talent management system developed by SAP Japan Co., Ltd.*2

[Component diagram of Global HCM Services]

This allows our customers to apply the same HR, payroll and talent management system to all their sites worldwide, using one outsourcing service. They can track in real time their payroll management expenses, the state of personnel utilization and training, and other information about the company as a whole using globally unified standards. This information can then be put to use in order to reduce costs or to make more effective investments and strategic HR decisions.

Through the combined experience and expertise of NGA, SAP and Fujitsu, we provide services that enable companies to transform their business models globally and create new values. We hope that this service will provide strong support to the global development of Japanese companies.

*1: NGA Human Resources
NGA Human Resources is a UK-based company, headed by CEO Adel Al-Saleh, which offers innovative HR business solutions to companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. It is one of the world’s leading providers of global HR management software and services.

*2: SAP Japan Co., Ltd.
SAP Japan is the Japanese subsidiary of SAP SE, headed by President Yuzuru Fukuda and headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo. As a market leader in enterprise application software, it supports companies of every size and sector.