Fujitsu Launches HOPE LifeMark-HX, a Web-based Electronic Medical Record System for Large-scale Medical Facilities

First Step Towards Realizing an ICT Healthcare Platform: Putting Data From Medical Care, Nursing Care and Healthcare to Future Use

As Japan approaches a super-aging society, it is faced with many important tasks, such as curbing rising medical expenses and sustaining a system for providing medical treatment. In response to these issues, the Japanese government established the Next-Generation Medical ICT Infrastructure Council in April 2015. Its mission is to resolve these issues by digitizing data collected from sites where medical care, nursing care and healthcare are provided and applying this data using ICT.

Since Fujitsu introduced its electronic medical record system in 1999, it has held the top share in the market, leading the healthcare industry. At the Center for the Future of Medical Care, established in December 2013, Fujitsu is currently engaged in initiatives such as ICT applications for health enhancement, and personalized medical care. In order to put existing data concerning medical care, nursing care and healthcare to future use, there is need for an ICT healthcare platform that can aggregate such data in an easy-to-use form. The first step to this goal is Fujitsu's latest release: the HOPE LifeMark-HX.

From Past Record to Future Standard: Features of HOPE LifeMark-HX, a Self-adaptive Electronic Medical Record System

Example: applying functions to a medical record

This product is a follow-up to the FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE EGMAIN-GX, our self-adaptive electronic medical record system, currently in use at over 400 Japanese medical institutions. The model inherits the features of its predecessor, but comes updated with improved usability, reduced operation and management load, and easier use and application of data. The entire structure of the system has been given a makeover, from the programming language to the database. The model also adopts a web-application system, so that it can be easily adapted to accommodate cloud services. Furthermore, the information can be accessed using smart devices from anywhere in the hospital. This allows new styles of consultation related to, for example, making the rounds of wards or acquiring informed consent from patients and their relatives.

- Updated system structure that reduces operation load
- High maneuverability, ideal for use on site at medical care facilities
- New Data Warehouse that allows effective data utilization
The word ‘Mark’ and its dual meanings of ‘record’ and ‘standard’ encapsulate Fujitsu’s desire to create solutions that contribute to the lives of all people and we hope to continue offering new value to healthcare going forward.