Integration in the Digital Business Era of Proactive ICT [Fujitsu Forum 2015 Conference Report]

Conference: In-depth Discussion! Fujitsu Executives will Respond to Questions from Leading Journalists and Experts Regarding the Status of the Fujitsu Digital Business Platform

Fujitsu Forum 2015 Tokyo, Fujitsu’s largest annual event, was held on May 14-15 at the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho. This Conference featured a wide-ranging discussion about expectations of corporate ICT infrastructure and how the Digital Business Platform (released on May 12) provides the flexibility to accommodate ongoing changes in the industry environment.

Importance of ICT Reform at a Time When Business and Technology Are at a Crossroads

Satoshi Uchiyama, Chief Executive Officer and Principal Analyst of ITR Corporation

In an ever-changing industry environment, particularly with regard to global competition and client expectations, and with the advent of new cloud-based and mobile technologies, corporate ICT is said to be at a major turning point.

According to Satoshi Uchiyama from ITR, conventional approaches to ICT generally center on enterprise systems and ICT infrastructure, and this has had the effect of stifling digital innovation and creation for the future. He argues that now more than ever is the time for major ICT reform in industry. We need to shift away from the current conservative approach of maintaining the status quo, to a more proactive approach geared toward creating new business ventures and new forms of value for clients.

Mr. Uchiyama says that digital technology can deliver enormous benefits for innovation in three key areas:
• industry (i.e., business ICT) and wider society;
• client relations (i.e., marketing ICT); and
• enterprise operations and modes of work (ICT to support future working styles).
In order to drive innovation in these areas, industry needs to design platforms encompassing data, applications and ICT infrastructure, and improve flexibility and adaptability via ICT reforms that will prevent ICT from holding the organization back.

Proactive ICT in the Corporate World

Hideki Kiwaki, Corporate Executive Officer, Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu’s Hideki Kiwaki spoke of the need for the modernization and enhancement of existing systems in tandem with the development of ground-breaking new systems featuring the latest ICT solutions. According to Mr. Kiwaki, proactive ICT infrastructure requires a combination of both enterprise systems for adapting to change, known as Systems of Record (SoR), and systems for promoting digital innovation, known as Systems of Engagement (SoE). Businesses need to understand the benefits and the requirements of both systems in order to enable seamless integration. This will require new platforms capable of integrating existing systems development expertise and experience as a selectable service.

Akira Endo added that enterprise data systems in the digital business era should be designed to boost efficiency via SoR while also creating new value via SoE.

Integration Drives Innovation by Combining the Expertise of Clients, SE and External Sources

The FUJITSU Knowledge Integration service was launched on May 12, just a few days prior to Fujitsu Forum 2015. Mr. Kiwaki described knowledge integration as being the aggregation of existing system engineer expertise from a wide range of fields encompassing both SoR and SoE. A comprehensive new eco-system combines in-house knowledge with expertise contributed by clients and external sources. This liberates the client data systems department from basic administrative tasks and enables a stronger focus on proactive ICT.

New Fujitsu Cloud Service Pools SE Expertise and Experience

Akira Endo, Corporate Executive Officer, Fujitsu Limited

Akira Endo described the Digital Business Platform that underpins the FUJITSU Knowledge Integration service launched on May 12, as well as the new K5 public cloud service and private cloud service developed by Fujitsu. These services embody Fujitsu expertise and experience and are part of the evolving cloud tailored to existing application domains.

The Fujitsu Digital Business Platform employs the same architecture for both public and private clouds, thereby allowing considerable flexibility in migration and integration of ICT assets stored on either cloud. According to Mr. Endo, there is no doubt that platforms offering this kind of seamlessly integrated operation will be in demand in the future.

Jun Taguchi then spoke about the comprehensive new Fujitsu cloud services that are backed by the Digital Business Platform and that also include FUJITSU Knowledge Integration. Mr. Taguchi described the cloud services as being very well designed. Mr. Uchiyama added that enterprise systems require two things to function effectively: a cloud with embedded expertise, and extensive integration experience in projects involving multiple companies.

Jun Taguchi, General Manager of IT Leaders Editorial Department, Impress Corporation

The moderator, Jun Taguchi, asked what made the Digital Business Platform superior to conventional cloud services. Mr. Endo answered that the Digital Business Platform brings together a vast store of system integration knowledge and expertise in a single platform that supports both SoR and SoE. Furthermore, the use of open technology encourages ongoing enhancement and improvement.

To end the panel discussion, Mr. Taguchi then asked the speakers to rate the Digital Business Platform. Interestingly, neither Mr. Kiwaki nor Mr. Endo was prepared to give it full marks. Their rationale was that the platform is intended to address specific client issues, and as such is designed to be scaled up in line with client needs. The plan is to provide more knowledge and expertise as and when requested by clients.

  • Satoshi Uchiyama Chief Executive Officer and Principal Analyst
    ITR Corporation

  • Hideki Kiwaki Corporate Executive Officer
    Fujitsu Limited

  • Akira Endo Corporate Executive Officer
    Fujitsu Limited

  • Jun Taguchi General Manager of IT Leaders Editorial Department
    Impress Corporation