UBIQUITOUSWARE Creates New IoT Value Propositions in Human-Centered Sensing Technology

A World of Ubiquitous Connectivity

“Ubiquitous,” derived from a Latin word meaning “to exist everywhere,” has entered the common lexicon recently. With the advent of smartphones and tablet devices, we are now in a world of constant connectivity, (“the ubiquitous society”), where Internet accessibility is expected virtually anytime, anywhere.

For many years, Fujitsu has been working on ubiquitous devices—including smartphones, tablets, computers and standard mobile phones (collectively known as ubiquitous system devices)—to allow people to access the Internet and other networks and systems. In addition to ubiquitous system devices, Fujitsu is developing a range of human-centric technologies designed to enhance and expand the ubiquitous society of the future.

UBIQUITOUSWARE Promotes IoT Business Growth

The new UBIQUITOUSWARE IoT package from Fujitsu uses a unique algorithm called the “Human Centric Engine” to analyze sensor data on the status and condition of people and objects, as well as the surrounding environment. It is easy to use and tailor to client requirements, with sensors for body condition and posture, and provides a range of useful data. UBIQUITOUSWARE creates new forms of value in the IoT domain based on human-centric sensing technology.

UBIQUITOUSWARE consists of the UBIQUITOUSWARE core module—a wireless communication-enabled computer for analyzing sensors and sensor data—along with a sensor-driven middleware analysis and learning program in the cloud. UBIQUITOUSWARE is designed to accommodate existing devices and systems and is suitable for a variety of uses.

The Ultimate Aim of IoT Is to Bring Joy to All

The latest UBIQUITOUSWARE product from Fujitsu is our Head Mounted Display, launched in May 2015. This product helps to boost safety and efficiency of manual tasks performed in all kinds of settings: indoor, outdoor and at heights. It includes a movable display that is worn like a pair of goggles. The display screen can be used to show a checklist or a readout of instructions, leaving both hands free to perform the task at hand. The built-in camera and microphone can be used to relay equipment faults to the control center, where a supervisor enters further instructions that are then displayed on the screen. The Head Mounted Display allows less experienced operators to perform complex tasks with confidence, knowing that an experienced supervisor is ready to provide assistance at any time. In this way, the product helps to improve safety standards while enhancing the quality of workmanship.

Head Mounted Display

Another exciting new Fujitsu product is the location badge or tag, which can be used to form an accurate picture of pedestrian movement and the location of objects in hospitals and commercial facilities. Pressure and acceleration sensors detect movement or falling, while a unique route optimization system acquires accurate position information inside a facility. The badges/tags can measure the motion intensity and posture of the wearer. In a hospital setting, for example, location badges on patients could be programmed to alert the nurse station if a patient gets out of bed or falls over.

Location badges and tags

New products soon to be released include the Vital-Sign Sensing Band, which can be used in the construction, manufacturing and farming industries as a safety device to monitor workers for signs of accidents involving movement; the Remote Monitoring Station for elderly people, which analyzes sounds of the voice, coughing and breathing during sleep; and the Total Solution for Pet Monitoring, which can be used to monitor pets in real time while their owners are away from home. These products will be released from late 2015 onwards.

Vital-Sign Sensing Band

At Fujitsu, our ultimate aim in the IoT domain is to provide useful solutions that bring joy and happiness to all. We remain committed to developing human-centric IoT solutions in the future.

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