Create a Quick and Easily Personalized Viewing Experience - Japanese Professional Baseball

Watch what you want, when you want

Professional baseball is very popular in Japan and fans often look forward to watching exciting games daily. In 2014, a total of 22.86 million people went to professional baseball games, the highest since 2005. The popularity of professional baseball appears to be rising.

Traditionally, baseball fans either went to a ballpark or watched a game at home on TV. Lately, they can also watch games on computers, smartphones or tablets. We are now entering an age where we can watch the video content we want, whenever we want.

In addition to sports like professional baseball, a wide variety of video content is available on the Internet, including movies and concerts. Finding the program you want to watch is hard enough, but finding the part you want to see is even harder. Imagine you want to watch a specific play again in a certain baseball game. Trying to find that play in a game over two hours long by fast-forwarding is time-consuming.

Game search service example of use

Identifying Specific Parts from Large Volumes of Video Content

Video content can be enjoyed in a new way by selecting the specific parts you want to watch—including highlights from your favorite baseball players. Fujitsu has partnered with Pacific League Marketing Corporation to develop a game search service that offers fans a new way to watch baseball games.

The service allows you to access specific plays of interest selecting the player you want to watch and types of plays, e.g. home runs and strikeouts. More specifically, the service automatically recognizes plays featuring individual pitches and batting results of a particular batter, so only plays featuring these players are accessed and watched.

Screenshots from Pacific League TV game search service (left: PC; right: smartphone) Photos courtesy of Pacific League Marketing Corporation

A Totally Personalized Way to Watch Baseball

This service offers a completely new way of enjoying baseball matches: you can create your own game highlights, watch parts of the game featuring your favorite players again and again, and check out any must see plays. Experience a fully personalized approach to watching baseball games.

Testing of the service has already been completed on Pacific League TV by Pacific League Marketing Corporation, and service provisions will start officially in July 2015.

Based on know-how and technologies acquired during our experience in baseball video analysis, Fujitsu will further develop technology that allows large volumes of video content to be retrieved quickly for other sports, personalizing the viewer’s experience. The same technology will be applied to movies, TV dramas, music videos, news, study materials and lectures to promote more innovative content consumption.