Co-Creating New Work Styles Aligned to the Job Site to Promote Innovation

Work Style Innovation Zone

Fujitsu Forum 2015 was held May 14-15 in Yurakucho, Tokyo. In the exhibition hall, around 100 exhibitions and demonstrations were presented in six zones: Big Data, Business and Social Innovation, Cloud, Security, Work Style Innovation, and Cutting-edge Technologies.

Co-Creation platform for developing visions for future work styles

Today many companies are working to achieve work style innovation to improve work efficiency or create new value. What is most important in work style innovation is not what tools you use, but clarity around what work style you wish to create. In Fujitsu Forum’s Work Style Innovation zone, we presented specific procedures for achieving work style innovation as envisioned by Fujitsu, along with case studies.

The HAB-YU is a co-creation environment built in September 2014 in Roppongi (Tokyo) by Fujitsu and Fujitsu Design to experience how new value can be created together with customers. In the exhibition booth, we demonstrated how to develop visions for future work styles using cards filled with ideas about how to achieve work style innovation. These cards were created by Fujitsu based on in-house practices and our experience implementing systems for customers.

Participants interested in how tablets could be used in the future, for example, choose from around 300 idea cards and arranged their cards on the display. These cards describe specific functions, such as “remote farming using tablets” or “tablets that read emotions.” After arranging cards randomly on the display, participants can enlarge their cards or arrange them in sequence, from now to 2020 or 2030, for example, in order to create a broad vision and direction for the future. The demonstration only depicts part of the process for developing a vision. Customers can use the full range of facilities available at HAB-YU to consider how they wish to change work styles and what goals they wish to achieve.

Scan a thick document with one push of a button—products that support work style innovation

Hardware products that support work style innovation also attracted the attention of visitors. Products such as ScanSnap SV600, a desktop scanner that can scan an entire book without touching the pages, were particularly popular.

ScanSnap SV600 scans the pages of an open book placed on the reader with one push of a button. It was difficult for conventional scanners to scan warped pages of a thick document. In contrast, the SV600 minimizes image quality irregularities with a wide-focus lens and a light source designed to maintain luminosity at a constant level, thereby providing uniform images that can be easily read. These features meet the need for quickly scanning thick documents, such as court cases, to digitize the data. Scanned data is saved in a PDF format that allows text to be extracted and help use the data in different ways. The ScanSnap series products have been highly rated in Japan and overseas. ScanSnap products for professional use have a leading share in global markets and are contributing to office digitization.

In addition, many customers also enjoyed experiencing other products: Augmented Reality (AR) technology for taking inventory and analyzing sales in stores, an easy-to-use, next-generation video conferencing system (TelePresence Video) that supports communication with other parties at remote sites, making you feel as if you were with them in the same place; and V-DaaS (virtual desktop service) that enables you to use a virtual desktop environment casually, easily, and quickly.